4 Tricks to Stay Warm in Sub-Zero Temperatures


spirit fingersThis winter has been harsh, and many of us are living in temperatures we never knew could exist outside of Antarctica. To make sure we all stay warm, here are a few quick tips to combat the cold. You’ve only got a few weeks left of these record low temperatures, so bundle up and get through it!

1) Draft Stopper

Wooden doors tend to swell in summer and shrink in winter, leaving small gaps of space that let in big drafts. One small door draft stopper (door snake) can be the difference between a freezing cold draft and a warm and cozy home. You can find a decorative snake to shove under your door, or find one that attaches to the base of the door to make sure there’s no gap letting in cold air.

2) Heated Blankets

One of the more underrated home accessories, heated blankets are a life saver! When you’re watching TV on the couch, you really don’t need to heat the entire house, and electric blankets are warm enough to keep several people cozy while watching movies and catching up on the Olympics. Rather than cranking the heat, invest in a few heated blankets instead. You can even remove your duvet and place them directly on your bed for about 10 minutes to warm up your sheets and mattress before climbing in at night!

3) Hand & Feet Warmers

Trudging through the cold weather is best left to Alaskan wilderness explorers, but sometimes we find ourselves in similar situations while simply trying to get to work! If you have to wait for public transportation, or if your car takes a long time to get warm, consider stocking up on a few reusable or disposable hand warmers. We like putting them in our socks and boots and shoving them in our mittens when we’re riding the train to work! Pair that with a hot cup of tea or coffee and you’ll be warm before you know it!

4) Cover All Gaps

Much like insulating your home, the gaps of skin you leave uncovered can let lots of heat escape. You should wear gloves that cover your shirtsleeves, or that can be tucked into your sweater. Leggings may not be the warmest gear of all, but when you wear them under your jeans or work pants, or over your tights, they can make a huge difference! If you have to walk more than 20 feet outside in sub-zero temperatures, leggings and insulated activewear will keep you warm. It’s also important to wear long socks that reach about midway up your calf, and if you’re wearing leggings, tuck them into the socks to keep all the heat inside!

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