6 Smart Tips to Keep Your Life Balanced

Busy-MomWe live in a fast-paced world where deadlines and quick production drive businesses to success. If we are not careful, we can get caught up in the frenzy of the job and end up feeling overwhelmed, tired and completely out of energy. In extreme cases, many of which are more common than we might realize, the stresses of everyday labor and life can cause physical health problems, mental health issues, and family breakdowns. What can you do to find the perfect balance?

1. Set Limits and Boundaries

Whether you have a demanding job working as a professional in an office environment, or you work from home, it is important to set boundaries for yourself. Boundaries help define how you take charge of your day, meet the demands or needs of others, and help you get in touch with your own feelings. Setting limits show others what you are willing to accept, both professionally and personally, and help you know when to say “no.” Boundaries are absolutely necessary to have a successful work and life balance.

2. Create Time for Yourself

Whether you want to be a good parent, a good partner, a good employee or all three, setting aside a moment for yourself is essential. Maybe you need to relax for an hour every day doing yoga. Maybe you like to read for 30 uninterrupted minutes before bed. Whatever the case may be, carve out that “me” time and stick to it to relieve tension and minimize daily stresses. You will not only be a better you, but your professional and personal life will benefit, too. After all, you can’t do your best until you take care of yourself first.

3. Set Priorities

Prioritized lists and calendars can help you stay on track and accomplish your daily goals. When you run short on time, you will be able to see what is absolutely necessary and what can wait until tomorrow. This is where your smartphone and computer can operate in tandem. Use of the phone’s/computers “sync” feature will allow both to automatically update when a calendar or reminder feature is changed.

4. Consider a Life Coach

When you do become overwhelmed with juggling too many work and family needs, you may want to consult a life coach for advice on how to find a better balance. These mentors can help you determine priorities both at work and at home and can guide you in the right direction when you feel lost. These types of professionals also offer emotional support when you need it most.

5. Be Flexible

Being flexible may be your greatest asset when you are trying to find the perfect balance between home and family. Anyone who has children knows how important it is to be flexible, because plans can change at a moment’s notice when a child gets sick or needs something that can’t wait. Remind yourself that things won’t always go exactly according to your schedule and that’s OK, as long as you can bounce back quickly and move forward.

6. Plan Quality Family Time

When work becomes demanding and professional pressures seem too big to manage, make sure you plan some quality time with the people you love most. Giving your children and partner full attention helps you all live in the moment and enjoy the time you spend together. Leave your cell phone at home for an hour and listen to your kids or your spouse instead.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your job, your family obligations or anything else, take action before it begins to affect your physical and mental well being. Try incorporating one or two of these tips into your busy schedule. You just might be amazed at how making a couple small adjustments can have a positive effect on your overall health and happiness.

Writer and retail worker Regi Waters has often bemoaned the lack of time in her daily schedule for social activities. Her beau and many area karaoke clubs have suffered at the neglect, while her career has thrived. A recent illness compounded by stress had her seeking a Noomii life coach to get herself on the right track.

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