Spring Is Almost Here – Get Your Garden Ready Now!


Planning can make all the difference between a garden that blooms and one that falls flat. Check out these great tips to jumpstart your spring and summer garden to enjoy produce and flowers all season long!

Start Composting

The first step for any garden begins with the soil. Soil quality is the single most important aspect of any garden, especially organic home vegetable gardens. You can easily upgrade your soil quality with a little homemade compost, and it is virtually free! All you need is a big trashcan, yard waste, and food waste from the kitchen. Make sure this combination has plenty of air, warmth, and is regularly mixed.

Make a Blueprint

Remember what you did last year? Did it work? Did you like how it looked? Draw up a blueprint of what you did last year and make appropriate and necessary changes for this season. Figure out the best way your flowers, bushes, vegetables, and fruits grow in your designated area by looking at last year’s notes and doing a little research online. Once you’ve compiled all the information, you can create a final blueprint for this year’s garden!

Add Garden Accessories

What garden is complete without garden accessories? Stock up on wind chimes, garden statues, benches, and more to really spruce up your garden this year. Tuck a funny little garden gnome in between bushes, or place a cute statue in the center of your flowerbed. Find fun and interesting accessories you love and place them creatively around your outdoor area!

Start Plants Indoors

If you really want to kick-start your spring 2014 garden, check out which of your planned plants can be started indoors. Some plant perform best when started in a pot indoors, while others need a lot of space for roots to take hold. You can start small with herbs, lettuces, and peppers, and see what other produce and flowers you can fit inside before the season officially begins.

Upgrade Your Gear 

One of the most excited parts of any project is the chance to upgrade some of your older tools and outfits! Now is the time to start thinking about those new gardening gloves, that old leaky hose, and the rusted wheelbarrow. Take inventory of your tools and gear and start looking for replacements for items that won’t last another season. Treat yourself to comfort items like kneepads and waterproof gardening pants, and consider upgrading from your old baseball cap to a full-coverage sun hat to keep sunburn at bay!

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