“Clue” In to Your Attic Style

Board-game-piecesThe attic—that dusty, creepy room that lurks at the top of your house. It may be a little spooky now, but with a little renovation it could be your next favorite place. To get some ideas for your attic redo, read about the characters from Clue and decide who you identify with most.

Ms. Scarlet

Ms. Scarlet is…well, sexy and she knows it. Young and attractive, she knows how to turn heads. And of course she knows how to dress well.

To tap into your inner Scarlet, transform you attic into an extra master closet. A refurnished attic is an ideal space for anyone to house an expanding collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup. Hang rods at an angle from the sloped ceilings for clothes. Leave plenty of floor space for shoes and plush benches to try them on. Hang a large mirror at one end of the room for applying makeup and making sure you always look glamorous.

Mrs. White

Mrs. White is usually portrayed as the frazzled servant. Cleaning all those rooms and dealing with difficult guests would wear anyone out. If you relate to Mrs. White, your best bet for reinventing your attic is to turn it into a relaxing escape. Build a workout room, a yoga room, or simply an extra bedroom where you can escape for some down time.

Mrs. White is typically shown as an older woman, old enough to have grandchildren. If you are aging gracefully and have grandchildren yourself, a playroom is another excellent option for your attic. After refinishing the room, cover the floors with rugs or carpet (since kids spend a lot of time on the floor) and be sure there are plenty of cubbies and shelves for toys.

Colonel Mustard

Colonel Mustard is an adventurer. He has a military background and loves hunting. Naturally, he has a great deal of military memorabilia and hunting trophies to store. A strong (some would say stubborn) personality, Colonel Mustard would never consider putting his treasures in cramped, dusty boxes where they could not be viewed.

If the Colonel Mustard in you has collected a lot of items that you love but don’t have room for, consider turning your attic into a combination storage-and-display room. When you refinish your attic, incorporate shelves, tables, hooks, and cubbies into the plan so that you can arrange your treasures and collections without cluttering up the rest of your home.

Miss Peacock

Miss Peacock is a supremely aristocratic lady who is sometimes cast as a busybody. A wealthy widow, she had several husbands who died mysteriously.

If you have some valuables that you want to keep safe, the attic could be the perfect place. Most burglars head for the bedroom first, as this is where most valuables are kept. The attic is out of the way enough that a burglar would be unlikely to search there. (Just be sure your attic has sufficient insulation or your Burlington painting and other paper-based treasures could be warped by weather.) Add a touch of secrecy by creating a secret space in a floorboard, in a wall, or in a fake book. You can never be too careful!

Mr. Green

Mr. Green is a shrewd businessman—and any clever businessman needs a smart office. To turn your attic into the perfect work space, take advantage of the angles of the room. Shelves built into walls and corners will hold books, papers, and office supplies. Ensure that your office has plenty of light and outlets, as well as access to the internet. To brainstorm all of your brilliantly cunning ideas, create a whiteboard on one wall.

Professor Plum

Don’t take offense if you feel that you identify best with Professor Plum. Though he is a bit absent-minded and klutzy, he is also widely regarded for his intellect. And what would an intellectual be without his library?

An attic provides an excellent retreat for a library. Build shelves directly into the walls as a charming way to save floor space. Cover the floor with rugs and pillows so readers can make their own reading nook wherever they like. Be sure there is plenty of natural light or reading lamps and add a fireplace to make the room even cozier.

After considering which Clue character you are most like, play around with different attic renovation ideas to suit your personality. Revamping your attic may be one of the best moves you ever make!

Edson Senna is a freelance writer who specializes in home improvement and business. He gets many of his home improvement tips from companies like Reitzel Insulation. In his spare time, Edson enjoys running, biking, and reinventing various spaces in his own home.

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