10 of the World’s Favorite Snacks

Pretzels-crackersWhen you’re hungry there’s nothing like a quick fix in snack sized form to make you a lot happier. When reaching for that vending machine or taking a trip down to the store you can be sure there’ll be a variety of munchies and one person will seldom choose the same snack as the previous one. So, in this list we’re going to try and choose some of our favorite snacks – no arguments please!

Pop-Tarts It’s simple really, unwrap and stick in in the toaster for a couple of minutes – what comes out are gooey in the center with a crisp outside that’s covered in sweet icing. They’re easy, yummy and super-fast and certainly one that has to be included in the snacking list.

Oreos A favorite for over a century now, the Oreo with its chocolate outside and creamy center are the perfect accompaniment for milk and in our opinion the best cookie ever.

Chips Chips are list toppers worldwide. Whether it’s Lays, Pringles, Doritos or otherwise – there’s little to compete in terms of universal favorites. Who doesn’t like chips whether in plain form, with a creamy dip or gone all healthy with some hummus.

Breakfast Cereal The meal that’s been specified with a title to dictate when it should be eat, simply because if it didn’t we’d eat it all day long. Cereal is quite a catch-all terms but in fairness there’s so much out there to choose from, it takes seconds to prepare and it’s also filling. Perfect, morning, noon or night and often it’s even nutritious.

Nuts Of course, if you’re trying to go that little bit healthier then nuts might just be the perfect food – plain ones that is – a lot of them are covered in salt among other additions. From a packet, a vending machine or a tub – the selection is endless, as often seem the flavors.

Fruit Healthiest of all on the list and to be completely honest often the tastiest and most sought after snack, albeit a very healthy one.

Ritz Crackers America’s favorite snack supposedly and one that’s tasty alone, works well with some fillings, cheese or also this next favorite.

Nutella Oh my! Where would we be without the famous hazelnut and chocolate spread – it certainly is amazing stuff. Just the one spoon you’ll say to yourself before you hear the metal clink off the glass at the bottom twenty minutes later – addictive stuff.

Jelly Beans All the colors of the rainbow, with all the flavors of a supermarket – jelly beans are a firm favorite in the snack list and very popular at tubzvendingfranchise.co.uk. Their color, taste and the variation makes them something we relish the chance of eating when feeling a little naughty.

Peanut M&Ms You’ll notice there’s been a few nut based foods on our list, as well as a couple of chocolate orientated ones too. M&Ms offer the best of both worlds – colorful, crunchy and with a quality nut center.

Of course, there’s so many snacks we’ve missed out on in this list – however these are our favorites – don’t hold them against us and go ahead and let us know what you like when you’re feeling a bit peckish.


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