Tips to Transform Your Shed

A shed isn’t just for tools – it can be recreated into a place to escape – perhaps a man cave, TV room, or a study. The key to making it comfortable is to make sure everything will fit. Here are tips to transform your shed into a living space.Shed-on-water

Make Adjustments Throw out junk and broken items and organize your accessories or anything you use regularly by adding shelves or hooks. There are many stylish shelves, which can enhance the theme of the shed. Only add accessories you really need. Adding too many accessories such as lamps, stools and pictures will make the shed look smaller.

Think Small Add smaller sized furniture instead of bulky pieces. A chair and ottoman would take up less space than a couch. A high top table with two or three chairs will work in place of a regular-sized table. Folding tables or small nested tables can be tucked away when they’re not in use. Hang pendant lights from the ceiling if the shed is too small for end tables and lamps.

Color Coordinate Use light colors on the walls and floors to give the illusion of a larger shed. You can also try painting the ceiling and walls the same color to make it look more spacious.Large tiles or wood on the floor also create a feeling of openness. Add a window to the shed to bring in natural light, which gives an appearance of more room.


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