Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Moms come in all shapes and sizes, likes and dislikes. But we have Mother’s Day gift ideas for just about any type of mom will appreciate.

freezable-h2o-bottleSporty Mom

Bar method, hot yoga, spinning, crossfit – if it’s exercise, this mom is doing it. If there’s one thing every workout needs, it’s cold water. You can make sure your Sporty Mom has cold water whenever and however she breaks a sweat so she can stay hydrated with the Freezable Water Bottle.  Store it in the freezer so that the gel inside the wall starts out frozen. You’ll be amazed at how long your water stays cold. A built-in silicone straw on the screw-on lid folds down when not in use.


Martha Stewart Mom

Crafts, gifts and cooking is what this mom is into. She makes everything from scratch and there is no project she can’t do perfectly. Little Jars, Big Flavors can get her started on preserving all the fruits her delicately curated garden will produce this summer. Little Jars, Big Flavors Cookbook guides you into creating splendid Southern inspired recipes. Traditional and modern methods are mixed in this collection of delicious ideas for homemade preserves. It includes suggestions for getting the best produce, jar selection and labeling, party planning, pickling and canning tips that address today’s food safety concerns, and much more.

New MomTowel-Apron

Diapers, bottles and blankies, New Mom will do everything it takes to make her baby comfortable. So why not make things a little easier for New Mom with Baby’s Bathe ‘n Wrap Apron Towel? It offers peace of mind to anyone bathing a baby or a toddler. The apron portion allows a mother to wear the towel while keeping her hands free. She then can quickly and safely wrap her child up in one smooth motion. The hood portion of the towel is perfectly placed to fit on the baby’s head.


Sentimental Mom

Sentimental Mom has every stage of your life documented and exhibited on every wall of her home. Her family makes her proud and she wants everyone to know it. Help her organize and display your family photos Family Tree Frame Set. A variety of frame sizes come with the set to help create a scheme featuring her cherished family photos. Each frame comes ready to hang on a wall and also has an easel back for tabletop display.

Pet Momthermal-dog-bed

She loves her dogs and cats almost as much as she loves you, so if a gift pleases them, it will surely please Pet Mom and the Thermal Pet Bed is the gift to deliver. The thermal feature allows pets to stay warm as they sleep and by working with the pet’s body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature and prevent cold spots that could cause aching joints. It’s also easy on the eye – the Thermal Pet Bed is double-sided with a solid color on one side and print on the other.

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