Lakeside Selection: Our Favorite Items for the Week

We’re getting ready for the weekend. Spending time outside is on the agenda. Here are some items to help inspire you as you plan your weekend. Here’s this week’s Lakeside Selection.



Springy Spiral Cat Toy with Mouse has a lot of movement to fascinate your feline. Clever pop-up toy features a fuzzy base that supports a coil of sturdy wire and a swiveling mouse on top. The slightest movement makes the wire wiggle and a touch of a paw creates a bouncy motion. Meanwhile the tasseled mouse tail waves enticingly. It will entertain your cat for hours!


Cast Iron Skillet Cookie Kit makes it easy to bake. It comes with just about everything needed to make a large, mouthwatering treat. The mini cast iron skillet offers a new way to prepare a cookie or brownie, and can be used again and again for a number of different recipes. The kit comes wrapped with a ribbon, ready to make a delicious gift.


Pamper yourself and your furry friends with a Quilted Pet Throw or Shaped Pillow. Your animal chum will love stretching out for a nap or some lazy time on the soft, warm Throw. Features vermicelli stitching and makes a cozy wrap for you and your pet. The paw-shaped Pillow offers a cushy spot for man or beast to rest his head. Buy both for a matching set that will make a welcome gift for a devoted animal lover.


The shape and bold colors of a Die-Cut Coir Doormat will make your entrance standout. The coir material traps dirt and keeps it out of your home. The doormat has a vibrant design that will give any porch or entryway personality. PVC backing makes it extra durable.


Functional and simple, the Outdoor Beverage Table serves drinks for up to four. Each 12-oz. can or bottle fits securely into the holder. It’s perfect for the patio, deck, beach, or any outdoor spot. Simple assembly required.

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