The 6 Best Plants for the Worst Gardeners

Even if you love plants, you may not have what it takes to be a gardenista. Some people just don’t have the knack to grow green. But don’t worry, there are a few plants that will thrive in anyone’s care. Here are the 6 best plants for the worst gardeners.

Spider-PlantSpider Plants are mostly green with some white stripes on their long grassy leaves for which they are named. They make great houseplants and prefer cooler temperatures (about 55°-65°F) and need well-drained soil. In fact, it’s not a big deal if a novice gardener forgets to water – drying out between waterings can be good for the spider plant. Moderate sunlight is good – but steer them clear of the midday sun. The spider plant is very sturdy and can withstand the neglect of the worst gardeners.

Philodendrons are very easy-going and adaptable plants; they can make a home outside or inside as long as they get bright, indirect sunlight, not too much water and the occasional fertilizer feeding. Philodendrons are vining or climbing plants and may need a pruning every now and then, but the heart-shaped leaves are a charming addition to any vertical space – they can take hold of walls if you allow them to grow.

Rubber Tree plants have unusual, stiff leaves that are quite sturdy and would be great for the outdoors, but they prefer the tranquility of the indoors. They require regular houseplant soil and indirect sunlight with a weekly watering. Because rubber trees don’t need damp soil, missing a watering periodically isn’t a death sentence for the plant. They bounce back quickly and can brighten even the darkest corner of a home.

BromedliadsBromeliads and air plants are tropical and sub-tropical plants that prefer shade, but grow well indoors or outdoors. In the wild, bromeliads grow on trees, but trees are not their source of water. Bromeliads have small root systems and hold water reserves in their leaves which means they can easily be mounted on wood rather than potted. Part of the bromeliad family is the tillandsia or air plant. It doesn’t require soil because it absorbs food and water from the atmosphere. Bromeliads and air plants don’t need much traditional watering, but they may need an occasional misting.

Jade plants are succulent plants and native to the desert – which means no care is enough care. They have a shallow root system and because they are dessert dwellers, when there is no water around, they sort of go to sleep; when the rain comes, they wake up, perk up and grow. They’re not indestructible, but jade plants are pretty hard to kill.

celosiaCelosia is great indoors as well as outdoors and has brilliant red, yellow or pink plumes to add flare to any greenery. It grows easily from seeds and prefers sunny, hot and humid conditions as it has tropical heritage. It’s an easy plant to take care of – just make sure the soil drains well, and you’ll have a thriving plant for as long as you keep watering it.

Keeping plants isn’t just a hobby or means to add elegance to your home; plants filter our air and they are good for our brains. You may not be the greatest gardener, but it’s not reason enough to keep plants out of your home.

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