Halloween: 5 Easy Pumpkin Crafts

crayon-pumpkinWith just about two weeks until Halloween, almost every house on the block is haunted! If you haven’t yet draped your yard in spider webs, sprinkled them with bats and set up the Grim Reaper to guard your door, it’s not too late! You still have time to craft a few pumpkins to align your house with the holiday. Since pumpkin is the season’s favorite fruit, we looked for a few cute (not creepy) pumpkin crafts to inspire you as Halloween nears. Here are 5 easy pumpkin crafts to try.

Pigmented Pumpkins Carving isn’t always the most practical way to decorate pumpkins. You have to use different types of knives (not ideal when you have little kids around), it’s messy and it can be a creative challenge in the worst way if you’re not an artist. But there are ways to make art with your pumpkin if you’re not an artist. Crafty Morning got around carving her pumpkin by making a Jackson Pollack-esque pumpkin using crayons and a hair dryer! It’s such a simple idea, uses few materials and takes very little time. No slimy seeds to cleanup and it’s beautiful, to boot!marble-pumpkin

Mom Dot bypassed carving by playing with fancy coloring, too. She used water and nail polish to create a marbled look on her tiny pumpkins. It’s not something you could do with big pumpkins, but they make adorable Halloween accent pieces you can put on the mantel, the buffet or end tables. If you’re not confident about your marbling skills, she also provides a video tutorial.

ping-pong-pumpkinPing Pong Pumpkins How brilliant are these little jack-o’-lanterns? They are as easy to put together as they are cute! Paging Fun Mums gets the credit for simplest, ingenious pumpkin craft, hands down. All you do is get your flameless tea lights and ping pong balls together, cut an “X” in the bottom of the ball where you insert the light, and then draw jack-o’-lantern faces on the ping pong balls with a black marker. Then just turn on the lights and they glow. You can probably use this idea for other holidays and celebrations, but it’s a pretty cute idea for Halloween.pumpkin-patch-cup

Edible Pumpkin Patch Halloween isn’t all about pumpkins and costumes — it’s also about candy! And who says you can’t be crafty with candy? Paintbrushes and Popsicles fused the pumpkin idea with candy to create these darling pumpkin patch cups. Oreos, pudding and candy — dirt never tasted so good or looked so sweet!yarn-pumpkin

Yarn Gourds This is a serious craft, but it’s seriously easy. It’s definitely for kids who like to get messy! Enchanted Homeschooling Mom made these using school glue, flour, water, balloons, yarn, and pipe cleaners to garnish her gourds. The idea is very forgiving — even if you make mistakes, they still come out cute. The only hard part is waiting for the yarn to dry. But when you’re done you have extra special, handmade Halloween art to showcase your crafting skills and celebrate the season.

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