Discover Your New Look in the Lakeside Artist Studio

The Lakeside Artist Studio features articles from expert artists working in the fashion world and home decor fields. This week, two of our artists share some advice, as well as their original designs available right now!

Debra Shepard

Debra Shepard began designing jewelry while enrolled at the California College of Arts & Crafts in 1972. It was here where she first created her original threader earrings, seeking to achieve a new design that would make earrings lighter and more comfortable. After a successful career as an art director, Debra was inspired to return to her innovative jewelry ideas and build her signature brand, which has grown rapidly since 2002.

In the Spotlight: Designing Jewelry for the Red Carpet
“I want women to feel pretty, playful and feminine–with a genuine sense of ease and comfort.”


Marla Rae

Marla Rae is not just an artist. She is a woman who wears many hats. She’s been in the gift industry for 30 years, founded and sold an international candle company with her husband, Brian, and also started a Barn Festival on their property featuring vendors from across the country. When she’s not designing beautiful art for Penny Lane Publishing, Marla also teaches string art classes at her daughter’s “Art Bar” in Nebraska.

Where is Your Happy Place?
“Keep inspirational messages in the forefront. It’s amazing how much we are influenced by words alone.”


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  1. Maureen says:

    I Recently Purchased The Teacher Plaque For My Daughter’s Birthday from Marla Rae. It’s Absolutely Beautiful. She Loved It!

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