Problem Solved: 8 As Seen On TV Products to Help Simplify Your Life

Whether you’re a super-mom juggling your kids’ busy schedules, cooking meals and keeping house while working full time, or a retired grandmother that finds some chores more difficult than others these days, chances are you’d appreciate some ways to make the daily grind easier. Thankfully, Lakeside has a fantastic collection of As Seen On TV products to help simplify and improve your life.

Grab ItGrab It™

When You Just Can’t Reach
How many times have you wished your arms were just a tad longer, or that you were just a bit taller? Grab It provides a solution to this dilemma, extending the reach of your arm to grab things up high or down low. It takes the assistance even further with its built-in magnet, jewelry hook and LED light!

Think of the Possibilities
– Reach items that fall into tight spaces, like between the washer and dryer.
– Easily grab items off the top shelf in your closet or pantry.
– Spare your back and knees when you drop something.

Review Spotlight
“The Grab It has helped me pick up things around the yard and in the house. I like the way it locks and has a small light. The silicone arms really hold on to things!” – Sandra W (Wake Forest, NC)


Gotham Steel Double GrillGotham Steel™ Double Grill

Outdoor Cooking…INSIDE!
Many of us use our grills in the summer more than any other appliance. Why not enjoy grilling year ‘round (without freezing your tail off) by bringing the grill inside? Even better, double the possibilities with a griddle on the other side for making fabulous breakfasts and sandwiches. We’d call that a BONUS!

Why We Love It
– Nonstick design–no oil or butter needed.
– Durable titanium and ceramic construction.
– One piece replaces two, saving storage space.

Review Spotlight
“I am unable to have a grill where I live, and this has become a great solution to steak or chicken in my opinion! I’ve cooked my medium rare steaks perfectly, and I would encourage anyone to purchase this. We also recently did breakfast on the flat side- non stick surface was helpful!” – KatCD (Holland, MI)


Better BrellaBetter Brella™

Ingenious Design to Keep You Dry
This is one of those products that’ll make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Anyone that has ended up wetter from an umbrella than the rain itself or has experienced one breaking due to a gust of wind will marvel at the effectiveness of the Better Brella’s reverse open and close technology.

What You’ll Love About It
– Get in and out of any door without getting wet.
– Durable, windproof design holds up in storms.
– Ergonomic handle for comfortable carrying.

Review Spotlight
“I bought this about a month ago and have had the opportunity to use it several times. It is so convenient! Way easier to get in the car and it keeps the water off of everything else when it is folded! I will definitely be buying more! Also, it is extremely well constructed! No more flimsy umbrellas for me!” – raentexas (Fort Worth, TX)


Hurricane Lint LizardHurricane® Lint Lizard®

More Versatility for Your Vacuum
Some jobs around the house tend to fall by the wayside. Let’s face it—they just don’t seem like priorities and they aren’t any fun. Cleaning deep down into lint traps may not seem important at first, but avoiding this chore could lead to disaster. The Lint Lizard makes your dryer more efficient, but it can also be used to clean and unclog vents, avoiding fires.

Why You’ll Love It
– Save money with less need for dryer and HVAC system repairs.
– Helps clean hard-to-reach places all around your home.
– Fire safety gives you peace of mind.

Review Spotlight
“Love it. You will be surprised at how much lint comes out of your dryer. No problem fitting my vacuum.” – Anonymous6892 (Florida)


Samurai 360Samurai 360™

Roll Over, Knives!
Chop, slice and dice to your heart’s content with this clever kitchen tool. The rotating blade is razor sharp and the handle is easy and comfortable to grip, making it much more pleasant to tackle prep work when you cook. And just imagine the fun when cutting a pizza!

What We Love
– Perfect for right or left hand.
– Convenient, dishwasher-safe design.
– Includes pastry blade, cover and countertop stand.

Review Spotlight
“Tried this out today making stir fry. It made cutting my veggies a snap !! I think it would work great for pizza too” – Brenni59 (Hayward, WI)


MSA 30X Discreet Sound AmplifierMSA-30X™ Discreet Sound Amplifier

Rechargeable Hearing Assist Device
Many households experience arguments over the volume of the TV and subsequent struggles for control of the remote. Eliminate the volume wars and take charge of your hearing, amplifying sound by up to 30 times with this product.

Fantastic Features
– Includes 6 adjustable silicone tips for the perfect fit.
– Rapid charger included–save a fortune on batteries.
– Super small and discreet.


Hurricane Spin ScrubberHurricane® Spin Scrubber

Eliminate Bending and Hard Work
Scrub. The word itself makes you wince, right? It just implies hard work. Thankfully, there’s a tool to do that hard work for you! This Spin Scrubber is ideal for so many tasks and surfaces around the house and, with 300 scrubs per minute, you’ll cut cleaning time in half!

Why You Need It
– Includes 3 scrubbing heads for many different cleaning jobs.
– Helpful to those with arthritis or limited dexterity.
– Cordless design for ultimate flexibility.

Review Spotlight
“I have Psoriatic Arthritis in my hands and shoulders and needed something to help me clean. I tried it today for the first time and it worked very nicely. I used it for the tiles in my bathroom and tub. It left everything clean and shiny and with little pain to me, very cool!” – Normajo (New York, NY)


Ped Egg Easy CurvePed Egg® Easy Curve™

Spa Treatment for Your Feet…at Home
This product makes it easy to have smooth, baby-soft feet without the spendy trip to the spa! Remove dead, dry skin and calluses with the curved file. It traps the shavings for easy cleanup, too.

Fast Facts
– The top-selling foot file in the world!
– New design features over 60% more microfiles.
– 18k gold-plated in celebration of the product’s 10th anniversary.


Your life is complicated and can get hectic. Why not make it simpler with these wonderful As Seen On TV items designed with you in mind? Even if you only gain 30 minutes to your day for a quiet cup of coffee, it’s worth it. After all…you deserve it. Shop More As Seen On TV!

Written By: Debbie Beginski


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