9 Solar Garden Decorations That Will Add A Magical Glow To Your Yard

Decorations enhance your garden and create a unique theme throughout your entire outdoor space. Solar lights can create a beautiful spectacle at night and they can also provide a useful glow to help you see in the dark. Here are 9 solar garden decorations that will add a magical glow to your yard.

1. Meditation Pose Solar Animal Garden Statues

Solar Garden Decorations - Meditation Pose Solar Animal Garden Statues

Add some cute creatures to your yard with the help of these Meditation Pose Solar Animal Garden Statues!

Each ceramic critter sits in a meditation pose while holding a solar glass ball in its lap. At night, the ball will light up with a beautiful warm glow.

Choose from an adorable bunny, an insightful owl, or a peaceful frog. Place these animal statues on an elevated stone in your garden or sit one on your back porch.

2. Hanging Solar Moon Light

Solar Garden Decorations - Hanging Solar Moon Light

Achieve the look of the glowing moonlight no matter where you live thanks to this Hanging Solar Moon Light for your outdoor space!

This beautiful moon decoration will automatically light up at night thanks to solar energy. It features two different light settings: bright white light or a soft golden glow.

The moon comes with an attached hanging wire that you can hang from any tree in your backyard or you can even hang it on your front porch!

3. Solar Faucet Water Light Collection

Solar Faucet Water Light Collection

This Solar Faucet Water Light Collection is the perfect addition to an industrial themed garden or will stand out on its own as a unique decoration!

The collection features three different items, each containing multiple strings of fairy lights that hang down and give the impression of flowing water.

Choose from the single planter or double planter, which contain empty buckets for planting, or choose the solar stake, which looks like an old-fashioned traditional faucet.

4. Hanging Solar Lanterns

Hanging Solar Lanterns

These metal Hanging Solar Lanterns are a beautiful addition to light up your rustic backyard and garden at night!

These painted lanterns have a distressed metal appearance and four warm white LED lights, giving off a rustic and welcoming vibe.

Choose from a green, red, or blue lantern. You can hang these on hooks on your backyard fence, hang them from a tree, or even hang them along the railing of your deck!

5. Solar Bubble Light Flower Stakes

Solar Garden Decorations - Solar Bubble Light Flower Stakes

Add some extra color and brightness to your garden with the help of these Solar Bubble Light Flower Stakes!

During the day, you can enjoy the beautiful color of the flower decoration, and at night you can enjoy the cool white light that creates a unique bubble effect.

These stakes come in blue, green, pink, purple, or yellow. Buy one of each color to create an impressive display in your backyard with your growing garden or in your front yard to light up your pathway.

6. Sets of 3 Solar Half-Ball Ground Plants

Sets of 3 Solar Half-Ball Ground Plants

These Solar Half-Ball Ground Plants are made of faux greenery that will blend in nicely with the rest of your garden!

Each plant contains faux foliage and soft white lights that provide a gentle and delicate glow through the colored leaves. You can display these plants directly in the ground or you can place them in any decorative planter.

Choose from a purple or green solar plant set. The set of three plants come with a small plant with four lights, a medium plant with eight lights, and a large plant with ten lights.

7. Glass Globe LED Solar Light Mobiles

Glass Globe LED Solar Light Mobiles

These Glass Globe LED Solar Light Mobiles will add some mesmerizing bright colors to your outdoor space!

This hanging mobile features seven colorful glass globes that gradually descend in height and light up with warm white LED lights.

Choose from the multi colored mobile to add color to your space or choose the clear mobile for a more subtle look. Hang this mobile on your front porch for a beautiful nighttime display!

8. Solar Mushroom Light Garden Stakes

Solar Garden Decorations - Solar Mushroom Light Garden Stakes

Add some whimsical decor to your garden and yard with these Solar Mushroom Light Garden Stakes!

Each mushroom stake features a stained glass design of a garden creature on the mushroom top. The creature is also seen in metal at the bottom of the stake for an extra pop of color.

Choose from a butterfly mushroom stake, a dragonfly mushroom stake, or a hummingbird mushroom stake to add in the middle of your growing garden.

9. 26-Light Solar Flower Stakes

26-Light Solar Flower Stakes

Decorate with some more flowers by placing these 26-Light Solar Flower Stakes in your garden!

Each stake contains 26 faux flowers that glow bright and proud. Each flower contains a white light that automatically illuminates after dark.

Choose from a blue flower stake or a purple flower stake. These stakes will look nice placed directly in the ground in your garden or can even be place inside of a large planter.

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