10 Unique Products to Inspire Your Next Outdoor Project

As summer approaches, it’s finally time to get outside and work on transforming your patio, decorating your front porch, or start growing a pristine garden. From outdoor decorations to gardening tools to solar lights and more, here are 10 unique products to inspire your next outdoor project.

1. Update Your Porch For Summer Fun

Outdoor Project - Flip-Flop Garden Decor Collection

One way to liven up your house with bright colors for the summer is to transform your front porch into a beautiful and welcoming space!

This outdoor project can be fulfilled with decorations such as welcome signs, colorful planters for your beautiful fresh flowers, and other accents to bring out some warm weather cheer.

The Flip-Flop Garden Decor Collection is an easy way to give your porch a cute summer theme with coordinating decorations.

What To Choose From

  • Blue, Green, or Pink Metal Planter
  • Hanging “Welcome” Sign
  • Leaning “Hello Summer” Sign
  • Flip-Flower Spinner Stake

Flip-Flop Garden Decor Collection

2. Try Growing Fun New Flowers Or Herbs

Outdoor Project - Set of 2 Half Barrel Planters

This summer, fill your yard with a beautiful array of plants and flowers by growing a garden of new flowers or herbs that you’ve never grown before.

Try planting different types of plants and flowers such as uniquely shaped succulents, leafy plants, or a colorful mix of flowers in one planter.

You can plant your flowers in the ground for a gorgeous spread throughout your backyard, or you can also use a variety of planters to add a more decorative touch to your garden, patio, or porch.

This Set of 2 Half-Barrel Planters can be the perfect addition or the perfect start to your garden! The planters have convenient drainage holes to keep your flowers fresh and healthy. Create a country theme or let these stand out on their own as unique garden decorations.

Set of 2 Half-Barrel Planters

3. Add More Functionality To Your Deck

Outdoor Project - Set of 3 Solar Deck Lights

Planning on spending a lot of time outside on your deck this summer? A deck makeover is the outdoor project for you! Some simple additions can transform it and add more functionality for summer days and summer nights!

What To Add To Your Deck This Summer

  • Tables and seating to add comfort and decorative elements. Consider adding a cushioned bench and a convenient storage table for your outdoor items. Outdoor furniture is a must for the summer.
  • An outdoor umbrella to shade yourself from the sun when sitting outside all day long.
  • A canopy, outdoor curtains, or netting to keep those pesky bugs away from you while you’re relaxing outside.
  • Solar lighting that will charge all day in the sun and brighten up your space at night. These Sets of 3 Solar Deck Lights are perfect for your deck railing; they’re easy to install and don’t take up too much space.

Sets of 3 Solar Deck Lights

4. Build A Brand New Garden Anywhere

Outdoor Project - Raised Garden Bed Set

Gardening is not only a fun summer activity, but it can also make your yard look beautiful and bright.

There are many ways to arrange your flowers and plants – you can plant them underneath trees in your backyard, place them in planters on your porch, or plant a patch of flowers and plants along the side of your house.

While you can plant your flowers in these typical areas, you can also take gardening to the next level with this Raised Garden Bed Set.

The garden bed set allows you to build a garden anywhere in your yard. It can be built as one large shape or it can be split into two smaller shapes, letting you configure it however you like. You can even buy multiple sets to combine together or stack vertically.

With so many ways to make your garden your own, the garden bed set is a great choice to add some variety to your yard this season.

Raised Garden Bed Set

5. Get Your Grill Ready For Cookout Season

Outdoor Project - Magic Stone Grill Cleaners

As warm weather approaches, it’s time to dust off the old grill and get it ready for all the backyard meals you’re going to have!

Before you start grilling, it’s important to clean your grill so it will function to the best of its ability. Here’s how to clean your grill in less than 10 minutes:

  • First, make sure to wrap tinfoil around the burners. This step is important because you don’t want any debris to get on your burners while cleaning.
  • Next, use these Magic-Stone Grill Cleaners to scrape off the grates.
  • Then, remove the grates and grease pan and use a grill cleaner spray to give everything a deeper cleaning.
  • Scrape the freshly sprayed grates with the magic-stone grill cleaners once again.
  • After everything is cleaned, make sure to remove the tinfoil and clean the surrounding area.

Set of 2 Magic-Stone Grill Cleaners

6. Creatively Accent Your Home’s Exterior

Brick or Siding Clips

Warm weather allows you more flexibility to accent the outside of your home and add some personality to your front yard or backyard. This outdoor project involves the simple addition of some eye catching decorations.

Ideas For Decorating Your Home’s Exterior

  • Create an overall theme for your outdoor space and use decorations to bring out that theme. Popular summer themes include butterflies, honey bees, lemons/fruits, and ladybugs.
  • Use yard stakes in your front yard and backyard if you want quick and easy outdoor decorations. You can also place these inside of planters.
  • Get creative and hang fun wall signs up on your home’s exterior walls to add something extra to your outdoor space. Use Brick or Siding Clips to easily hang up any decoration you want on vinyl sided or brick home walls.

Brick or Siding Clips

7. Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal

Solar House Number Display Stakes

When it comes to outdoor decorations for the summer, the front yard is sometimes overlooked, especially if you have a decked out front porch.

However, if you want to add more to your front yard this summer, consider decorating more than just your porch! With the help of yard stakes, front pathway or driveway lights, and even decorative mailbox swag, you can transform your front yard into a beautiful summer oasis.

These Solar House Number Display Stakes are the perfect addition of something decorative yet practical for your front yard.

Choose from the single stake or double stake to display your house number in warm lights that are easy to read at night. The stakes easily fit into the ground and will look nice near the end of your driveway.

Solar House Number Display Stakes

8. Make Daily Gardening Tasks A Little Easier

Garden Utility Totes or Tool Set

While you may enjoy the daily grind and challenging outdoor project of growing something that you can be proud of, why not make it a little bit easier on yourself with the help of useful gardening supplies?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a pro gardener, the Garden Utility Totes or Tool Set is useful for any type of gardener.

Garden Utility Totes

  • The totes can carry seed packets, tools, and all your essential gardening supplies as you move about your garden.
  • Choose from three different cute and trendy totes: Fruit Tote, Flamingo Tote, or Medallion Tote.

Set of 5 Garden Tools Includes:

  • Trowel
  • Narrow Trowel
  • Fork
  • Cultivator
  • Weeder

Garden Utility Totes or Tool Set

9. Brush Off Your Outdoor Tools For Summer

Lawn Mower Cleaner Brush

It’s important and essential to clean off and prep your outdoor tools for summer before you begin to use them again.

Here’s how to get your your lawn mower ready for the summer before you start cutting your lawn:

  • The first step is to thoroughly clean off your mower. Make sure to flip off your fuel valve before cleaning and disconnect the spark plug. Use a Lawn Mower Cleaner Brush to clear away dirt and debris from the top and underside of the mower.
  • Next, use a mower blade sharpener to carefully sharpen the blades. Make sure you follow the safety instructions on your sharpening kit.
  • Finally, change the oil in your lawn mower. Run the engine for a few minutes first, then shut it off and close the fuel line and remove the spark plug. Discard the old oil and add fresh oil using a filler tube.
  • Now you’re ready to start mowing your lawn!

Lawn Mower Cleaner Brush

10. Bring New Life To Your Patio Furniture

Indoor Outdoor Summer Fun Pillows

Summer is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your patio furniture or add a little something extra to your patio space.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you can buy new tables and chairs to transform your space, you can simply paint or patch up old furniture to make it look brand new, or you can even make DIY outdoor furniture if you’re feeling extra crafty.

Whatever you decide to do with your furniture, don’t forget to accessorize it and make it feel more relaxing with the help of cushions and pillows. These Indoor/Outdoor Summer Fun Pillows can make a bright addition to your outdoor benches and chairs!

These pillows can also help you add to your decor theme or help you create a new theme in your yard. Choose from the following designs:

  • Keep Calm And Have A Cocktail
  • Flamingo
  • Flip-Flops
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple

Indoor/Outdoor Summer Fun Pillows

Looking for even more outdoor project ideas this summer? Get inspired with our selection of garden decor, planters and tools, outdoor lights, live plants and flowers, and much more. Visit our Garden Center to find it all!

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