10 As Seen On TV Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

We’re all searching for a little more convenience and efficiency in our daily tasks such cooking, cleaning, along with other household activities. Here are 10 As Seen On TV products that will make your life a little bit easier.

1. 2-Pk. EZ Jet™ Water Cannons

2-Pk. EZ Jet™ Water Cannons

This two pack of EZ Jet™ Water Cannons is an incredible power washer that can get any outdoor cleaning job done in a jiffy! Simply attach it to your hose and you’re ready to clean anything.

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • This hose attachment features 8 spray settings, making it convenient to get any job done.
  • It has a built-in dispenser for soap or fertilizer, allowing you to wash your car or water your garden, with just one tool.
  • The jet is powerful enough to power wash your gutters, patio, windows, and much more!

2. Nutri Chopper™

Nutri Chopper™

The Nutri Chopper™ is a useful gadget that you’ll definitely want to have in your kitchen to making prepping and cooking much easier and more efficient!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • It can quickly chop up a variety of fruits and vegetables, saving you the time of hand chopping.
  • The chopper comes with five different interchangeable slicing options to conveniently make any type of cut you want (thick slices, thin slices, cubes, stick, and wedges).
  • It even comes with a storage container to safely store away food for later use, which reduces your food waste!

3. Cup Call™ Cup Holder Phone Mount

Cup Call™ Cup Holder Phone Mount

If you find yourself with no where to put your phone when driving in the car, look no further. The Cup Call™ Cup Holder Phone Mount is here to help!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • When you’re using your phone as a GPS, or using hands free calling, you can simply fit it into the holder until it’s secure.
  • The holder rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to place your phone at any angle to help you see it clearly.
  • It sits right in your cup holder, reducing the need for any complicated installation. It even allows for easy charging access!

4. Go Fan™ Cordless Rechargeable Fan

Go Fan™ Cordless Rechargeable Fan

Never feel uncomfortable in the summer heat again thank to the Go Fan™ Cordless Rechargeable Fan!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • This cordless fan is small enough to carry around and use anywhere you need it such as your office, your car, or outside at the beach! It comes with both a desktop stand and a clip to allow for easy placement wherever you are.
  • It’s small but mighty – it has all the power of a full-size fan with the use of a lithium ion battery.
  • It comes with a convenient charging cable to charge up when not in use.

5. Fuller Brush Co.® Original Roto Sweep™

Fuller Brush Co.® Original Roto Sweep™

Make cleaning easy and more efficient by using the Fuller Brush Co.® Original Roto Sweep™!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • This sweeper makes it so easy to clean any hard surface floors – it’s silent, has no cords, and has an easy to empty dustpan!
  • The cleaning brushes rotate 360 degrees, allowing for a more thorough cleaning job without forcing you to work harder.
  • The sweeper is lightweight and can be easily folded for compact storage when not in use.

6. ezEggs™


This handy ezEggs™ tool is a simple yet convenient thing that you’ll want to keep in your kitchen!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • It can peel the shell from hard boiled eggs much quicker than it would take you by hand – peel up to three eggs in under ten seconds!
  • It’s easy to use – simply cook your eggs, let them chill, place them in the container and shake. The shells come off in just seconds.
  • It’s easy enough for anyone in your house to use whenever they want to quickly peel some hard boiled eggs.

7. Atomic Zapper™

Atomic Zapper™

If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to eliminate pests and insects in your house, this Atomic Zapper™ is the perfect tool for you!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • The zapper uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel mice, rats, and more but the sound are too high-pitched for humans and pets. You don’t have to worry about being disturbed!
  • It not only repels rodents, but it also works on insects by emitting a blue UV light that will attract and zap them.
  • It’s easy to use in any room – simply plug it into an outlet and it will start doing its job.

8. Shine Armor® Wash Kit

Shine Armor® Wash Kit

An all in one kit to keep your car looking fresh and new, this Shine Armor® Wash Kit is the perfect accessory to use when cleaning and caring for your vehicle!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • The washing spray is an all-in-one mixture to help your clean your car in less time. It washes your car, provides a ceramic coating, and shines it all in one application.
  • You don’t have to worry about ruining your car’s paint; it’s formulated to provide a gentle wash without leaving any smears or scratches.
  • The kit also comes with two microfiber cloths to gently wipe the spray onto your car.

9. Uni-Lid by Copper Chef™

Uni-Lid by Copper Chef™

You’ll want to keep the Uni-Lid by Copper Chef™ in your kitchen for all your food storage needs!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • Eliminate the need for plastic wrap and foil with these reusable lids that will tightly seal away any leftover food in various sized bowls.
  • You’ll get three different sized lids, making it easy to use on different containers to store your food in.
  • These silicone lids also have great insulation properties, keeping food warm for a significant period of time – convenient for bringing food over to someone’s house!

10. Hurricane® Spin Scrubber

Hurricane® Spin Scrubber

Save time and effort when cleaning your bathroom and other areas of your house by letting the Hurricane® Spin Scrubber do the heavy work!

How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

  • The scrubber has powerful and flexible bristles to deeply clean dirt, mildew, and soap scum without you putting in extra effort. With its 300 RPM cleaning action, it will get the job done faster.
  • You can use the scrubber to clean a variety of things – showers, tiles, sinks, patio furniture, bicycles, and much more!
  • It comes with three different cleaning heads to fit your cleaning needs – a multipurpose brush, a corner brush, and an extra-wide flat brush.

Check out our full selection of As Seen On TV products to find other unique items that will help make your life easier, including beauty essentials, cooking accessories and gadgets, cleaning tools, and much more!

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