Fun Christmas Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Shopping for teenage girls can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, Lakeside has a large variety of Christmas gifts; you can easily find the perfect gift for any teen girl! From affordable fun items to products that will match any young girl’s style, find a gift that she’ll be excited to open up on Christmas day. Here are some fun Christmas gift ideas for teen girls that they’ll absolutely love.

Pajamas & Comfy Cozy Clothes She’ll Want To Wear All Winter Long

Pajamas and comfy clothing are always great Christmas gift ideas for teen girls for the winter season!

Give her a pair of fuzzy pajama pants, Sherpa slippers, a cozy sweatshirt, fun socks, or even some winter gear like hats and gloves.

In addition to cozy clothing, you can also give her other comfy items to use in the winter. This can include throw blankets and pillows, a personal heater, or a cute stuffed animal.

These flannel pants featured to the left can make a great gift for any teen girl!

Get mix of fun colors in this pack including pink and purple, teal and white, and orange and purple!

Ladies’ 3-Pk. Flannel Pants

Bags & Accessories She Can Use On A Daily Basis

2-Pc. Monogram Tote Bag with Cosmetic Case

There’s nothing a teen girl loves more than fashion and accessories! Give her a gift this Christmas that helps her accentuate her true style.

Bags are always a good go-to gifts for teen girls, whether it’s a tote bag, purse, luggage set, makeup bag, or backpack. Find one that matches her style and even customize it with her monogram or name.

In addition to bags, teen girls will also love to get any type of fashion accessories that they can wear on a daily basis. This can be anything from fashionable scarves to sunglasses to hats and much more.

This featured Monogram Tote Bag with Cosmetic case makes a wonderful gift set for any stylish teen girl!

It featured an adorable polka dot print with her monogram initial embroidered in blue. She can store all her essentials in these bags.

2-Pc. Monogram Tote Bag with Cosmetic Case

Perfumes, Bath, & Beauty Products She’ll Be Obsessed With

Bath, beauty, and spa themed products are a fun gift for teen girls. These items can work especially well as stocking stuffers!

Give her a perfume or body spray set that includes her favorite fragrances or new ones to try out. It can be fun to give her sample sizes of a variety of perfumes so she can see what she likes.

You can also give her other beauty and bath products such as bath bombs, makeup kits, and lotion sets. It helps to know what she already likes and uses so you can give her something that she is sure to love.

This featured perfume is a great perfume choice for teen girls! It gives off a fresh fragrance that she’ll want to wear every single day.

You can find other fragrances and more fun and useful items here!

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds 3.3-oz. Eau de Toilette

Room Decor That Will Help Make Her Space Feel Stylish & Cool

Color-Changing Inflatable Chair with Remote

A teen girl’s room is a very personal and fun space, so why not help her make it her own? Room decor gifts are great Christmas gift ideas for teen girls who love customizing their space.

When it comes to room decor gifts, the possibilities are endless. But a great place to start is with small pieces of furniture. Accent furniture such as a new chair or a brightly colored side table are fun gifts that she can add to her room.

In addition to furniture, you can also give her other decorations such as a wall hanging of her favorite quote, a faux fur rug, throw blankets, and other decorative accents.

The Color-Changing Inflatable Chair with Remote is a fun and cool Christmas gift that any teen girl would be excited to get!

It features 120 different light options controlled by the remote, making it a fun and festive accent chair for the corner of her room.

Color-Changing Inflatable Chair with Remote

Fashionable Jewelry To Accessorize Any Of Her Outfits

20-Pair Stud Earring Sets

Any stylish teen girl loves to play around with jewelry and accessories! Jewelry makes a great gift for teen girls, and can even work as stocking stuffers.

Whether it’s a new set of earrings, a necklace with her name on it, or a cute charm bracelet, she’ll be excited to add any new pieces to her jewelry collection.

In addition to jewelry, you can also give her related items such as a jewelry box or jewelry holder that she can display in her bedroom.

These featured 20-Pair Stud Earring Sets are a festive and fun choice for your teen girl’s stocking stuffers!

Choose from themed sets including the Red Truck set and the Snowman set. Each set includes 20 pairs of earrings; she’ll never run out of earring options.

20-Pair Stud Earring Sets

Electronics & Gadgets That She’ll Have Fun Playing With

Mini Karaoke Microphone

Teenagers these days absolutely love technology, so electronics and gadgets tend to make great Christmas gifts for this age group! Gadgets also make great Christmas gifts for teens who love technology.

You can give her accessories for her smartphone or tablet such as a stand, new headphones, or a charging station.

Other gadgets and electronic items to give a teen girl can be things like a USB alarm clock, Bluetooth speakers, or an LED makeup mirror.

This featured Mini Karaoke Microphone will provide hours and hours of fun for any teenage girl!

The microphone hooks up to her smartphone and can be used with most karaoke apps. She’ll have a great time singing her favorite songs with her friends!

Mini Karaoke Microphone

Activity Books & Games That Will Keep Her Busy & Never Bored

Brain Games® Activity Books

Books and games are fun at any age, and they can make especially fun Christmas gift ideas for teen girls!

Activity books make great gifts – give her a themed coloring book, a book of crossword puzzles, or a book of word games. These can also make nice stocking stuffers.

Different types of games can make fun gifts for different types of teen girls. Depending on her interests, you can give her a new board game, a new video or computer game, or even a small card game.

This Brain Games Activity Book featuring Emoji Puzzles is the perfect choice for any teen girl!

Featuring an Emoji theme, this book is filled with tons of classic puzzles such as word searches and more!

Brain Games® Activity Books

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