Summer 2018 – New Catalog Alert & More to Explore

Summer is here, and so much is happening at The Lakeside Collection. From exciting new Summer Catalogs to our ever-expanding selection of garden decorations and As Seen On TV items, there’s never been more to explore! Keep on scrolling to catch up on some of the things we’re currently excited about as we kick off Summer 2018.

New Summer Catalog: “Bright Buys 2018”

Shop our latest catalog to discover unique products for summer and beyond.

Lakeside Summer Catalog - Bright Buys 2018

What It’s All About

Get excited about summer with our latest Summer Catalog. We’ve put together one of our most unique collections of products to make your summer special. From fun items for the outdoors like patio furniture, garden planters and summer clothes, to affordable home decor, housewares and storage to get your place ready for that influx of summer guests, it’s worth it to start your season by taking a thorough look at this new catalog.

New Summer Catalog - Lakeside

Deals Under $10

Shop and save with one of the most unique collections of deals under $10 anywhere. 

Deals Under $10 - Lakeside

What it’s all about

Lakeside has deals. A lot of deals. In fact, we had so many great products Under $10 that we had to break it all down by category. In a few clicks you’ll be exploring some of your favorite categories like Home Decor, Fashion & Beauty and Kitchenware, all with deals exclusively Under $10. Stock up, save money, stock up while saving money…

Shop Deals Under $10 - Lakeside

Garden Decor & More

Start decorating your outdoor space with garden planters, decor, furniture and more!

Shop Garden Decor & More

What It’s All About

Did you know Lakeside has one of the most unique collections of garden decorations anywhere? Not only do we have fun garden items you can’t find anywhere else, we’ve also gone to great lengths to find products that can be creatively paired up to help you create a cohesive and original outdoor space. Check out our fantastic collection now.

Shop Garden Decor & More - Lakeside

As Seen On TV

Shop our ever-expanding As Seen On TV collection. New products added weekly!

As Seen On TV - Lakeside

What It’s All About

It’s official. Now you can find many of the latest and greatest As Seen On TV products right here at Lakeside. From some of the most popular As Seen On TV items currently on the market to clever solutions you might not know about yet, we’re making it easier for you to shop the famous products designed to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Shop As Seen On TV - Lakeside

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Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

You can’t turn on your television without seeing ads, but that isn’t a bad thing. If it weren’t for advertising, you might not know about some phenomenal new products. This week, we’re saluting those handy household helpers, clever beauty tricks and bits of kitchen wizardry you see on TV. You don’t have to order from the manufacturer and wait weeks for delivery; you can choose Lakeside favorite items and get the same quick, responsive and courteous service you’ve come to expect from us. Here are our as-seen-on-TV favorites for the week.

Hot-Buns Nothing looks as sophisticated as a dramatic up-do for your hair, and with holiday party season almost here, it’s a great time to learn a few new styling tricks. One of our favorites is Hot Buns, a set of cushion-soft bun forms that let you create flawless swept styles with ease. If you can make a ponytail, you can create dazzling new styles with Hot Buns. Each set comes with a pair of bun forms, one large and one small, for bold formal designs and casual everyday looks. Available for dark or light hair, the Hot Buns forms are invisible under your natural hair and need no pins to secure them in place. Experiment with adding braids and ribbons to your bun for interesting new twists on a classic style.

Cafe-Cup The hottest trend in coffee has been the pre-measured, pre-loaded modular K-cup for brewing single cups. While the machines that use single-serving pods are convenient, they’re limited in selection and create additional household waste. With Cafe Cup, you choose your favorite coffee and place it in the reusable container, then make your coffee as usual. Broaden your coffee horizons and enjoy freshly ground Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee one morning and New Orleans-style cafe au lait with chicory the next when you pick your own coffees for your Cafe Cup. Each set includes four Cafe Cup units to let you take them to the office or on vacation. Although they work great for coffee, they’re also ideal for brewing great tea. Skip the costly disposable packs and reach for a Cafe Cup instead. You’ll save money while enjoying a fuller range of coffee options.


While you’re in the kitchen making coffee, why not assemble a quick, healthful breakfast? With OrGREENiC green ceramic cookware, you don’t need to load your omelet pan with oil to keep cheese, eggs, vegetables or anything else you cook from sticking. The low-friction ceramic coating on OrGREENiC cookware releases food easily and prevents sticking and burning. Because you only add oils or butter for flavor, you use less per serving and cook lighter meals that fit with a healthy lifestyle. These pans are eco-friendly and have a durable ceramic lining that won’t peel or scrape off the way some non-stick coatings can. We also love the look of the attractive bright green; they’re pretty enough to keep on display. You’ve seen the ads, and now you can discover for yourself why these as-seen-on-TV products get so much buzz. Like everything at Lakeside, these tried and tested are just a few of our favorite items.

As Seen on TV Products


Lakeside has a wide array of the As Seen on TV products.  Shop our collection of the hottest items at the best prices.  The next time you are about to call the number to order that cool product you saw on TV, make sure you check the website and visit all the As Seen on TV products we carry.  The Debbie Meyer Green Bags™ are only $2.95, compare at $9.95.  The Perfect Brownie™ only $14.95, compare at $19.95.  The Twin Draft Guard® only $6.95 compare at $9.95.  Here at we try to save you money, remember the best things in life don’t have to cost a fortune!