Happy Pi Day

Today is Pi Day.  This wondrous ‘holiday’ was created to commemorate the  mathematical constant π (pi).  March 14th received the honor of this day because when written out numerically 3/14 or 3.14, the digits are ordered the same as the first 3 digits of π (pi) in decimal form (3.14).


Many celebrate Pi Day by enjoying pie and discussing the relevance of pi.  While we currently do not have any Pi-related literature, fortunately Lakeside does carry a great Pie & Tart Cookbook.  Happy Pi Day everyone!


Defrosting 101 – Turkey Edition

Some of you have been cooking turkeys for decades.  In fact we don’t doubt that some of our readers could pluck and stuff a bird so beautifully it would make us cry.  However many of you are undertaking your first turkey this Thanksgiving.  For those first timers, the key to a decent (or at least edible) turkey is to defrost it properly.  After that, the rest is gravy (sometimes literally…gravy can salvage even the driest bird).  Here are some tips for defrosting your fowl friend.

If you bought your turkey frozen, keep it frozen until you are ready to thaw.  Then follow these thawing tips (curtsey of the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service)

Since Thanksgiving is approaching in T-3 days and counting, get defrosting and good luck!

Simplify your Baking and Cooking


As the weather gets cooler, keep yourself warmer through all the great baking and cooking essentials here at Lakeside.  Keep it simple with this 50-Pc. Value Bakeware Set, it is high-quality kitchen equipment that you won’t have to clean!  A value-priced way to prepare for your holiday cooking!  If just cooking for yourself and guest, the 5-Pc. Toaster Oven Pan Set is perfect.  The nonstick metal pans fit in most toaster ovens and can be used in conventional ovens, too.  Prepare delicious home cooked meals with the 10-Pc. Rachael Ray Cookware.  Our invaluable cookware features nonstick interior, aluminum, stainless steel, silicone and clear lids for easy view.  Pots are dishwasher safe and comes in cool orange and blue colors.  Our set of 2 Insulated Cookie Sheets features triple-layer construction for perfect treats every time.  Create festive pull-a-part cakes with our Take-A-Part Cake Pans.  These pans are easy to use-simply bake the cupcakes, pop them out and decorate.  The nonstick silicone surface ensures quick release and even baking.

Happy Eating!