Buyers’ Picks – Items we Love: Pet Food Container

Our buyer’s pick this week  is from our Pet buyer, Tim. His pick is the Pet Food Container with Scoop. This is a great container for dog owners, whether you have a large dog or a small puppy. Here is what Tim had to say:

The Pet Food Container with Scoop has been even more useful than I had expected.  With two dogs in the house, the mutts can definitely move through some kibble in a couple of days.  I can dump a whole bag of dog food in this container which means no more trips to the garage to get the rest of the bag.

The best thing about the container is that because it has an airtight seal it keeps that dog food smell out of my pantry.  I mean, it’s nice that the puppies get fresher tasting chow, but now my pantry doesn’t smell like a pet store.  Other cool features?  I can spot check through the clear sides to see how many noms are left for the dogs.  The included scoop keeps my hands clean during dinner time.  Finally, I can roll this bad boy in and out of the pantry with ease.  The pups now know that the sound of rolling wheels mean it’s time to eat!

Happy National Pet Memorial Day

Today is a happy day to remember all of your beloved pets. Take the day to share those great childhood memories of the family pets. It’s always great to remember the happy times we have we have had throughout the years.

Here are some great tips about celebrating this date. Thank you goes out to this great article I found below:


Tips for Celebrating National Pet Memorial Day

Reflect on your pet’s life – Think about your pets that have passed away and share your memories with family members. Why were these pets so special? You just might dig up old memories that have been long forgotten.

Look up old photographs – Do you have pictures of your deceased pets? Look through old photo albums and, if you have enough pictures, put them together in a memory scrapbook of your pet. If you even have one picture, frame it and keep the memory where it will be viewed often.

Donate to a local charity – Your town probably has a shelter or animal rescue; donate money to your favorite local charity in your pet’s memory or volunteer your time there. Every little bit makes a difference. Or if you are ready for a new pet, perhaps you will consider adopting one of these homeless animals and providing hope with a new life.

Check out Lakeside Collections Pet Memorial pieces to celebrate and remember.

Review: Lakeside Dog Toys

Just like so many of you, we love pets.  Recently, we decided to put our best dog products to the ultimate user acceptance testing.  We sent Pam Johnson of ‘Pam’s Dog Training in San Diego’ Lakeside dog toys to see how they fared under obedience-training circumstances.  Pam posted the below video review of our dog products, check it out!


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