Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing—Lakeside’s Selection. This week we have everything from home décor to grill covers. So sit back, relax and pick your favorite Lakeside items you just can’t go without.


The attractive designs of this Decorative Rug Collection will add a rich look to your home while protecting your floors. Beautify high-traffic entrances and halls with the Accent Rug or Runner. The Area Rug makes a statement wherever you use it.


Like a mighty defensive line, an NFL Grill Cover protects your grill from the wear and tear of the elements and heavy use. Rain, snow, frost and UV rays are no match for it! Durable vinyl offers superior protection against tearing and withstands outside temperatures from -20° F to 140° F.


Coordinated sheets and pillowcases come at a can’t-miss price in this 6-Pc. Bonus Pack Sheet Set. The set features bold stripes and soft, wrinkle-resistant construction.


Sanibel Quilt or Sham will make your bedroom feel like a relaxing beach house. It features images of seashells, starfish and seaweed on a rich blue background.


Create an enchanting oasis with a Fairy or Gnome Garden Kit. Add the pieces to a container or a corner of a flower bed, select a few plants, and soon you will have a mini garden. Perfect indoors and outside.

Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing—it’s time for Lakeside’s favorite items for the week! This week is chalk full of outdoor goodies for your garden and child. We also have a great kitchen collection that will make your heart warm.


With the words “Live,” “Laugh,” and “Love” prominently featured on each item, this fine collection of kitchen coordinates is sure to bring a heartwarming feel to your home. A woven design with stripes and flowers decorates the Set of 4 Tapestry Placemats and 72″ Tapestry Runner.


Enjoy the outdoors free from the danger and annoyance of wasps, yellow jackets and other stinging bugs. Specially constructed traps come in a value-priced set of 2. Easy-to-use traps eliminate insects without the use of dangerous chemicals or poisons. Each trap has 6 entry-only funnels that lure bugs in, but don’t let them out.


Solar Rodent Repeller is the low-maintenance way to eliminate pests outdoors. It emits a low, audible beep and gives off a sonic pulse that can’t be heard by humans or pets, but irritates moles, gophers and other burrowing rodents. Unable to tolerate the constant underground vibration, the rodents flee your yard and garden.


Kids can have fun chalking where they do their walking with a Sidewalk Designer kit and 50-Ct. Chalk set. From the backyard patio to the sidewalk and driveway out front, these tools will bring out their creative side.


Handblown Glass Hummingbird Feeder is designed to catch the eyes of both humans and hungry hummingbirds. Faux red flowers surround the 4 feeding ports to attract passing hummingbirds. It features a gondola-style stopper to keep the sticky nectar from dribbling onto the grass and attracting ants.