Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

Summer is a colorful season. From rainbows appearing after mid-afternoon showers to gardens in bloom, we’ve been noticing summer’s true colors, and they’ve inspired us to collect a bouquet of bright ideas for adding more color to your everyday life. Make your kitchen cheerier and your bedroom cozier with a touch of color, or get creative with the hues you wear. All of our items this week feature bright, cheerful tones in surprising places. We think they’ll brighten your day as much as they have ours!
Stainless steel bowls are wonderfully practical for the kitchen, but they don’t usually contribute much in the way of color. This colorful stainless steel bowl set brings fresh color into your kitchen with five handy sizes. Each bowl has its own color, but we love them all, from the robin’s-egg blue on the smallest bowl to the vibrant cherry red on the largest in the set. The soft satin-finish plastic exteriors are dishwasher-safe and provide extra grip when mixing by hand, making these bowls practical and pretty. We love the avocado-green bowl for salads and the big one for popcorn on movie night.

Every bedroom needs a touch of color, and this irresistibly soft lighted pillow gives you all the color you could want at once! Cool LED lighting inside the pillow’s soft, white acrylic filling create a light show of pastel hues that look like tie-dyed fabric but change constantly. It’s like a kaleidoscope you can squeeze! The pillow makes a beautiful and unusual accent and also acts as a nightlight for kids who find soft lighting reassuring as they drift to sleep. You can also get the matching throw to turn on the colorful charm in any room of your home. It’s just the thing for snuggling up with a good book on a rainy day.

Who says you have to stick to a single hair color? The makers of these colorful Hair Chox temporary hair color sticks certainly don’t think you have to stick with the color that nature gave you. With bright red, purple, pink, blue and green, you can add streaks of color to any shade and wash it out when you want a change. Dampen the chalk-like sticks with water, rub them on a strand of hair, and enjoy the head-turning colors you wear. Unlike permanent dyes, these tones cover the surface of the hair instead of penetrating, so they wash away cleanly. Add color in streaks, frost the tips of your current style or frame your face with a few hits of pink or purple. The easy-to-hold handles make painting on color easy. Even Dame Helen Mirren thinks pink hair is hot, and she’s a style icon; don’t be afraid to go bold.

This week, celebrate color with us with these bright ideas or with some of your own. Maybe it’s time to plant a garden, repaint a room or hang a few colorful paintings on your walls. Scientists say color even affects moods, so chase the blues with some pink, purple or red and embrace some new hues today!

5 Tricks to Save Money at Your Hair or Beauty Salon

Let’s face it ladies, we all like to look our best all of the time; but regular trips to the salon can get incredibly expensive, even for the most simplest of styles. As times get tougher we want to look great without breaking the bank.

purse-moneySome people stick to the simplest of styles to keep costs low, and even then they end up paying a lot each visit. If you spend a minimum $15 per visit, and you visit the salon every 6 weeks this could cost you $120 per year! And that’s for a very simple style. More complex styles obviously require more time which incurs more costs in salon fees.

Before you know it, your little trips to the salon can soon amount to a big annual expense. Granted, specialist styles, complicated cuts and wild colors will require a little investment in your time and money, and it makes sense to pay a little more for a good stylist that delivers results that you are very happy with.

But if you want to make minor changes to your hair it shouldn’t cost you the earth to do so! If you’re tired of paying a lot of money for your haircuts, here are five tricks to help you save money at the salon. Some of these money saving tips are tried and tested by beauty professionals, so don’t be embarrassed, be savvy.

Want a Subtle Change? Do Your Own Color at Home

Whether you want to add highlights or change your hair color you can easily perform his task at home. A home color kit will be much more cost effective investment compared to a salon color.dying-hair

Home coloring kits have come a long way, and these days you can buy non drip color mousses that are very easy to apply. Whether you want a complete color change or you just want to cover up the grey today’s home coloring kits are the perfect solution.

The key to coloring your hair at home is to go ensure that you don’t go more than a couple of shades lighter or darker than your natural shade.

Save on the Cut and Splash out on the Color

If you’re used to spending money at the salon on both your cut and your color, then consider getting your haircut carried out by a discount salon or by a training hairdresser. Student hairdressers are often challenged to carry out complicated cuts and they are always looking for models to help them out. (If you’re totally unhappy with the results you can always get the problem resolved by visiting your normal hairdresser.)

Although it seems convenient to get the cut and the color done at the same place and time the truth is it can and will cost you more money.

Hit the Discount Salons in Between Pricey Cuts

Let’s be honest, it can be frustrating paying full price for what is essentially a maintenance cut. You know the ones; they only take half as long as your proper cut, but they never seem to cost half the price.

You can get maintenance haircuts from a student or from a discount salon. The results will be just as good and you’ll be saving a lot of money.

Look for Students or Trainees

One of the best ways to get a complicated cut at a snip of the price is to look for salons and colleges that are offering training sessions.

beauty-collegeTrainee stylists are overseen by an experienced tutor, so you’re hair style will be kept on track. If a mistake is made most salons and school will offer to rectify the issue free of charge.

Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for discount days at both your salon and your beauty spas. They all have them; you just need to know when.

Don’t Pay to Get Your Bangs Pruned

Bangs are a fab feminine style, but you don’t need to pay to get your bangs trimmed. Most good stylists will be happy to trim your bangs (or your fringe) between your full cuts free of charge.

You don’t even have to make an appointment, just drop in at a time that suits you, wait a few minutes and in five minutes you’ll have fab bangs again!

This article is authored by Peter Smith, who owns an online beauty magazine. He published a new article on massages Springfield MO at his magazine this month.