The 8 Best Fashion Trends Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Fashion-ClosetEvery year there are new fashion trends that are hot and trendy. If you are at a lost when it comes to knowing what you should have in your closet to keep up with the fashion world check out these 8 must have trends you need to have in your arsenal right now.

Leather is making a come back and it is easy to add it to your wardrobe through wearing skirts, blazers, leggings or dresses. If you already have a closet full of denim it may be time to add some leather to your wardrobe. Go with leather that hugs your figure perfectly and makes you look and feel sexy. If you can’t afford authentic leather look for pleather instead.

Nude Fabrics
Nude fabrics are a must have fashion trend all women should take advantage of. Especially, if you want a look that is sexy nude fabrics will allow you to be revealing and concealing at the same time. These fabrics are very versatile as you can wear them over a camisole top or over your skirt or a pair of jeans. This piece of clothing can also be used as an overlay material for a dress.

Monotone Look
Fashion experts around the world admit that the monotone look is definitely a must have. Try wearing different pieces of clothing in the exact same neutral color such as camel, beige, or pale yellow. The monotone look is one of the hottest fashion trends out right now, and it has the added benefit of helping you to look taller.

Fringed clothes are definitely a must have fashion as they can be worn with everything. Wear fringes with your dresses, pants, shoes, or jackets. Wear them on the edge of your clothes or shoes or you can wear them to cover up your entire piece.

Boyfriend Jacket
You can’t go wrong with an over-sized boyfriend jacket, as they are simple and the masculine look along with the volume at the shoulders will create a stronger looking posture and slim waist. Along with boyfriend jackets add a pair of boyfriend jeans to your wardrobe as well. Look for ripped jeans or take a pair of blue jeans you already have in your closet and cuff the legs.

One Should Dress
Nothing says elegance and style more than a nice one shoulder dress. This style will help add a whole new dimension to your current fashion.

One of the best fashion trends involves focusing on your waist. Go with large belts that are 5 inches wide or wider. Look for belts that have straps on the ends and that curve around the back and come back around to the front.

Jewel Encrusted Clothes
This fashion trend has long been used for denim clothes, but now you can find stones on just about everything. Look for tops, shoes, and even purses with stones or jewelry on them. To accomplish this same look you could even wear accessories such as necklaces that will look as if they are part of your clothing.

Try implementing these different styles as soon as possible. If you are on a budget there are always cheaper substitutes you can take advantage of. Get started with enhancing your wardrobe by executing these fashion trends. When your’e prepared to make a fashion statement head to where you will find all the most up-to-date female’s fashion trends such as their new footwear collection.

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Sizzling Hot Jewelry Trends for Summer 2013

As far as the world’s most prestigious designers are concerned, jewelry trends in 2013 are all about having fun. Many of the trends are versatile; some elements can be subtle and work-appropriate, while other elements can be bold enough for night life. The biggest trends come from nature, 2013 blockbusters and distant places and cultures. This summer, there truly is something for everyone and every outfit!

Art Deco/ Vintage


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2013 marks the release of Baz Lurhmann’s movie remake of “The Great Gatsby,” so vintage and art deco pieces will definitely be hot this summer. With those influences in mind, statement pieces with intricate geometric shapes are in. It will be a lot easier to find contrasting white and black jewelry – another 2013 jewelry trend – in vintage and art deco styles. Vintage aficionados can also look for pearls and subtle drop earrings for chic pieces with a vintage flair; both pearls and subtle drop earrings will be à la mode in summer 2013. Lace, another 2013 fashion trend, screams old glamour without being overpowering. The most important thing to remember is that vintage accessories and vintage clothing do not work together. Mixing modern clothing with vintage jewelry accessories is the easiest way to avoid looking like you are wearing a costume.

PANTONE named emerald as their color of the year. If you feel like you need some emerald inspiration, then the 2013 release of “Oz: The Great and Powerful” and Emerald City might help. This versatile color goes well with every skin tone, and it also emits an extremely classic and sophisticated vibe that can dress up just about any outfit. Smaller pieces of emerald jewelry might be more daytime appropriate, as emerald can sometimes be so casual that it can be worn with jeans and a tee shirt. Larger pieces can be reserved for classier evening events.



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Chinoiserie, or jewelry with a distinctly Asian style, is definitely trendy for summer 2013. You can expect to see Asian-inspired pieces that use motifs from nature that are commonly associated with various parts of Asia, including bamboo leaves and trees and cherry blossoms. The jade stone is also a common element in Chinoiserie jewelry. Another hallmark of Chinoiserie jewelry is the use of tassels. While snake jewelry is not exclusive to Chinoiserie jewelry, there will be many more such pieces out this year, as according to the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the year of the snake. With snake collections becoming so popular, e.g. Bulgari’s Serpentini collection, snake-inspired jewelry will be nothing but hot in summer 2013!

Ethnic and Tribal
Ethnic and tribal jewelry are definitely back again in 2013. African-inspired jewelry will definitely be trendy throughout the year, as will Caribbean-influenced pieces. It seems that ethnic jewelry has gone more glam in 2013; you’ll see a lot of pieces with crystals and studs. Just remember, however, that the jewelry should always accent the outfit. Pairing ethnic and tribal jewelry pieces with solid colors, e.g. black and white, creates an effortlessly chic look.

Southwest jewelry will be scorching hot in summer 2013. If you thought that silver wasn’t a good summer color, then think again. Chunky silver jewelry with American Indian motifs is totally in this year, as are turquoise stones and feathers. Do not be afraid to go bold with your Southwest jewelry, e.g. Dannijo’s large chokers and breastplate necklaces. Fortunately, Southwest jewelry looks stunning next to popular summer colors, e.g. corals, oranges, yellows and reds. You can’t go wrong pairing Southwest jewelry with a flowy white tee shirt and denim.

Animal Prints and Patterns

The catwalk this summer season literally looks like it was made for cheetahs, zebras and giraffes. Most of the hot designers love incorporating animal prints and patterns in their collections. It can feel intimidating to walk out with an animal print as your focal garment, so you can pull inspiration by incorporating the same animal prints and patterns into your jewelry. An easier and more wearable alternative is to accent your outfit with these same patterns and prints. Jewelry with animal prints and patterns can easily dress up or dress down an outfit, and generally work best with solids. Black and white will be hot 2013 summer trends. Bolder looks can pair the patterns with one of the highlighter colors that will be in vogue in 2013, e.g. neon yellow and fuchsia. Animal prints can also give softer and more romantic looks with pastels – another 2013 fashion summer trend – a dash of the wild side.

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