Women’s Apparel: Finding the Perfect Fit Just Got Easier

At Lakeside, our Women’s Apparel team works hard to make it easier to find the perfect fit. In addition to our current apparel size charts that are provided on online product pages, selected garments in the new Spring Catalog, as well as select apparel products in the future, will feature more details to guide you to a better fit. Learn more about these exciting new details, or start shopping right now to see the measurements yourself!

New Garment Measuring Details

Current Size Chart for Women’s Apparel

Here is the current women’s apparel size chart that can be found on many women’s apparel product pages. As you likely know, each size is represented from Small (6/8) to 3X (26/28) with measurements for the Bust, Waist and Hips. The new size chart will include measurements such as Sweep & Length. In addition, each new size chart will provide measurement instructions to help you find your personal measurements at home.

Size Chart for Women's Apparel

Where Can You Find the New Size Charts?

Apparel items that include a new size chart will feature a thumbnail image on the product page. If there is no thumbnail image on the product page, please use the original size chart located by the “Add to Cart” button.

New Women's Apparel Size Charts for Lakeside

What Details Are Included In the New Size Charts?

The new details will be specific to the garment you’ve selected. For example, new measurements provided for the Women’s Light and Airy Sleep Sets include Sweep and Length for the top, as well as detailed waist, rise, hip and inseam measurements for the pants. The terms are defined under the garment measurements, and include some basic instructions to help you figure out your personal garment measurements at home.

New Size Chart for Women's Apparel (Example)

What Are Some Products With New Size Charts?

Check out the new size charts right now in our 2017 Spring Catalog by clicking on any of the apparel items below, and look forward to finding these new size charts on select women’s apparel from this point forward.

Women's Swing Tank DressesWomen's Graphic Printed Knit TopsWomen's Vintage Wash Smocked Waist Dresses

7 Responses

  1. Devon says:

    Not trying to sound dumb but on the new measurements what is the sweep?

    • Z. Pearson says:

      Hi Devon,

      Thanks for your question! Sweep is the circumference of the bottom hem of the garment. It’s measured by laying the garment flat, measuring the bottom hem from edge to edge, and then doubling that number.

  2. Beth says:

    Why don’t you have smaller sizes for petite women?

    • Elaine Lakeside says:

      Hi Beth – We perform numerous tests to determine the items carried in our catalogs. Based on the results of these tests, the most popular colors, designs, sizes, initials etc. are made available to our customers. Although the item you are inquiring about is not available at this time, it may be available in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  3. Beth says:

    Thank you for your response. I hope in the near future will will think about carrying smaller sizes because I really like your clothes but they are to big for me. Thank you again.

  4. Shirley Swanson says:

    i need a dress causal that will fit m. I;m 5’3 1/2 ” tall and have a bra size 48 DD. HELP!!

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