Cat Gifts & Supplies for the Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer. National Dog Day. Dogs get plenty of attention during the summer months. What about cats? True, there is a National Cat Day coming up on October 29th, right before Halloween. But that’s just too far away for some cat owners to wait. It might be the dog days, but it’s time to give cats their share of the spotlight. Take a look at these cat gifts and cat supplies to keep you covered until October rolls around.

Toys to Keep Them Entertained


The 3-Pc. Kitty Fun Bopper Set will keep your cat happy for hours. Each has a foam ball with a flashing LED light inside that activates when tapped. The unique design makes it bounce at random when it hits the floor.

The 4-Ft. Multilevel Cat Tower with Scratchers gives your feline friend an impressive place to perch, scratch and nap. It has 7 sisal-wrapped surfaces for scratching and cleaning claws, and plush perches for lounging.


Entertain your cat with an entirely new toy with the Triple-Tiered Cat Chaser. Your cat will go wild batting at the brightly colored balls that roll round and round the tracks. Balls can be popped out and moved around.

Shaped like a cozy cave, the Pet Snuggle Bed gives your cat a new favorite retreat. Perfect for felines that like to burrow and hide, it features a removable cushion inside and a top that secures with fabric-magic.

Cat Home Care Collection


The Open Top Litter Box with Shield is the perfect way to contain and manage your cat’s mess. The easy-to-clean litter box has a 3-sided shield to prevent spills and provide privacy. The scoop simplifies cleanup.

The cat Treat Jar is the perfect place to store some of their favorite snacks. The 48-oz. jar adds a modern look and a cute cat-themed design to your countertop, complete with a fish-shaped handle and fish bones.


The Sentiment Pet Food Pail is a convenient way to keep your cat’s treats or toys stored in style. The front features a sweet sentiment. The pail has handles for carrying, an easy lid and a 3.5-oz. scoop on the side.

Prevent your furry friend from going hungry or being overfed with the Pet Daily Reminder Chart. When you put food in their bowl, simply flip the tag for that day of the week to let everyone know the chore is finished.

9 Things to Make Your February More Cheerful

February is a tough month — with the gray skies and snow-covered ground, we need a little bit of sunshine to get us to March — even if it’s metaphorical sunshine! Here are 9 things to make your February more cheerful.


Cats We love how our cats pounce, lick and purr — by instinct, that’s how they communicate with each other. To us, they communicate using a special language developed only for humans: meowing!


Raccoons Raccoons love water so it’s not much of a surprise that this one’s not afraid of the sprinkler. They almost never build their homes more than 1200 feet from a water source.


Lions Lions are very affectionate creatures. In their downtime (they spend up to 20 hours a day lounging!), they rub heads and groom each other. If they were average house cats, they would purr, but lions don’t purr. They prefer to roar to communicate vocally, which can be heard five miles away!


Sea Otters Otters are funny little mammals that can live their entire lives without leaving the water. They survive on marine life like sea urchins and shellfish. But sometimes getting the fish out of the shell is tough, so they have to use rocks to crack them open. And if they find a useful rock they like for hunting, they keep it in their built-in underarm pockets.


Elephants While these little guys are using their trunks to splash water on themselves to keep cool, elephants can use their trunks for snorkeling, drinking and, most importantly, smelling, too. Because they’re so big — trunks can weigh up to 400 pounds! — they have plenty of olfactory receptors. In fact, they have so many they can sniff out a water source from twelve miles away.


Bunnies Bunnies love companions! They’re very social creatures and, generally, they should always be kept in pairs. Rabbits tend to get lonely and can develop weird behaviors if they don’t have playmates.


Hedgehogs Those little spines on hedgehogs make them slightly similar to porcupines, but the are not related. However, like porcupines, hedgehogs do use the spines as a defense mechanism; they keep predators from taking a bite out of them. Each hedgehog can have up to 7,000 spines all over their backs but their faces and bellies remain soft.


Goats Goats are always up for a little bouncing around. While this is just a wobbly sheet of metal, goats are known to ride around on the backs of bigger animals with their signature bounce. And that bounce is, indirectly, how we get our morning boost. Coffee was discovered when goat herders noticed the goats had a lot of energy after munching on coffee beans.

Dogs Dogs are amazing creatures! They’re about as smart as two-year-olds and can understand more than 200 words as well as count up to five. And, of course, we can’t forget their noses! We all know they can smell well, but a fun fact about their noses is that they stay wet so dogs can tell which direction a scent is coming from.

At The Lakeside Collection, we have products and ideas to make every month bright! Whether you need pet toys in February to stave off your dog’s cabin fever, or you need beach towels for your June road trip to the beach, shop Lakeside for unique products at reasonable prices.

National Adopt a Cat Month: Our Favorite Cats of the Internet

June is National Adopt a Cat Month! At The Lakeside Collection, we love our pets and we do our best to take care of them as a member of the family, but we can always make our families a little bigger! We don’t need any convincing to adopt a cat, but for people wavering on whether or not to take a new furry friend home, we have a few things to share. Here are our favorite cats of the internet to persuade you to bring home a new friend for life.

Cole and Marmalade
Here are Cole and Marmalade — they’re “celebrity cats” and you’ll see why they were elevated to celebrity status after their lesson on how cats say “I love you.” They’re frisky and lovable rescue cats who are always doing something interesting for the camera.

Jasper will make your heart swell! This little guy didn’t see his best friend for ten days and boy did he miss him! Jasper gave him his best hello hug and you can bet he won’t let go for ten days ever again!

Cold Canadian snow would give anyone the chills, but cats are curious creatures so it’s hard to hold them back from something as fascinating as snow. Plume the cat’s inquisitive inspection after a storm got him stuck outside. But cats are also masters of getting themselves out of the messes they get themselves in… and Plume’s homecoming was certainly masterful.

This is the appropriately named Lucifur and his buddy Honey Boo Boo. Everyone knows to be aware of attack cats — but Honey Boo Boo let down his guard at just the wrong moment…

Here’s a familiar summer scene for many humans — we go after a cool treat with a little too much enthusiasm and BAM! We get hit with the sweetest headache summer can deliver. Napo the cat captures this feeling perfectly with a spoonful of ice cream.

The Lakeside Collection wants to make every home happy and healthy for every member of the family. Whether you already have a furry friend or you’re thinking about adopting a new shaggy chum, Lakeside has products and ideas to make your home a little happier.

National Cuddle Up Day: Items for Your Pet to Cuddle With

January 6 is National Cuddle Up Day! The beginning of January is the perfect time to remind us to cuddle up with those who are closest to us… including our pets! Those little snuggle monsters don’t need an excuse to get cozy with you, but a little gift of warmth lets them know we appreciate their snuggles. Here are 5 items for your pet to cuddle with on Cuddle Up Day.

Pet-ThrowMake your furry friends comfy with a Quilted Pet Throw or Shaped Pillow! Your precious pup or cuddly kitty will love stretching out for a nap or get wrapped in for cold winter days with the soft, warm throw and a place to rest his head on the cushy paw-shaped pillow. Your pet deserves to be comfortable and adorable at the same time! Of course, humans can use the throws, too! They’re perfect for cuddling away a snowy afternoon.

waterproof-pet-bedGive your puppy or aging dog with bladder issues a comfortable spot to rest with this Waterproof Pet Bed. This durable, polyester bed is stuffed with polyfill and surrounded by sturdy padded foam bumpers for extreme comfort and support. Use it on its own or in a crate to keep your furry friend comfortable at all times — but especially on Cuddle Up Day. But if today’s no good for cuddling, the waterproof surface allows you to easily wipe off dander, hair and messes so every day can be Cuddle Up Day.

patchwork-pet-bedsCozy Patchwork Pet Bed is made to look like a soft quilt, but its super padding makes it ideal for your tired pup to snuggle up on. Each of the 9 patches has a different dog-themed design for a cute piece that’s a comfy place for your pet to curl up and rest.

dog-toy2-In-1 Animal Dog Toy does double duty to provide hours of fun for your dog and something to comfy to rest on when the day is done! The plush animal has a squeaker for sedentary play and the attached plush flying disc has 5 squeakers to make a game of  catch five times more fun! But when he’s worn out from all the play, the plush animal makes the perfect pillow to cuddle up with.

pet-bedThe Plush Thermal Self-Heating Pet Bed is the must-have pet product for this winter and Cuddle Up Day! It works by recycling your pet’s own heat using a reflective silver foil sheet inside the extra-puffy fleece. It’ll keep your furry friend cozy when the temperatures drop while soothing his aches and pains. There’s no better bed for your pet to cuddle up on!
On Cuddle Up Day, don’t forget your pets! They bring you sunshine on the darkest days of winter and they deserve a little extra cuddling this January.

6 Personalized Presents to Fit Just About Anyone on Your List

Coming up with the people to put on your holiday gift list is easy; making those gifts unique is a different kind of task. We’ve come up with a few items to make each of your gifts exceptional and personal. Here are 6 personalized presents to fit just about anyone on your list.

Personalized-pet-furniture-coverFor the Furry Friend The Personalized Pet Furniture Covers gives a dog or cat owner peace of mind when the pets jump on the couch. The furniture cover protects upholstered sofas, couches and chairs from soil, pet hair and scratches with the personal touch of their beloved pet’s name. The quilted, throw-style cover fits almost any size and style chair, loveseat or sofa.

Personalized-sleeping-bagIndividual Nap Sack This Personalized Sleeping Bag is perfect for sleepovers, camping trips or hanging out in the living room!  Soft and warm, it is sure to keep them nice and cozy. Rolls up and easily fits in the included carrying tote making it convenient for traveling and adding a name to be stitched in makes it practical and personal.

Personalized-pendantPersonal Pendants For your spiritual loved ones, have their names added to the Personalized Cross Pendant for a unique and unforgettable present. The shimmering yet subtle pendant has a cutout cross that can be worn every day or on special occasions.

Adorable Dolls Make this holiday extra special for the little girl in your life with a Personalized Holiday Rag Doll. She’ll love playing with this adorable rag doll with her name or her favorite name embroidered on to the doll’s dress! Dressed in a holiday romper, this doll will make Christmas morning one your little girl won’t want to forget.

Personalized-babyPersonal Pajamas Personalized Infant Long Johns are a cute gift that will keep them cozy. These charming long johns are perfect for taking naps or crawling around the house on Christmas! Personalize the back flap with a name or a cute phrase like “Baby’s First Christmas” to make the season memorable.

Personalized-sibling-tshirtCollectively Cute This Personalized Sibling T-Shirt is a perfect gift for a new big sister or brother, as well as for the new addition to the family! Personalize each with either “little,” “middle” or “big” and the child’s name. It looks adorable and makes a great photo op when siblings wear these shirts together.

The Lakeside Collection has hundreds of other gifts to choose from. Whether you want to make your gift personal or you want to make it practical, we have gifts to suit any personality.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

halloween-dog-collarHalloween is a night everyone gets dressed up and hits the streets for candy! We love to take our pets with us, but there are some Halloween pet safety tips to think about before we start putting up Halloween decorations or bring out the candy for trick-or-treaters.

halloween-dog-costumeCute Costumes We can’t resist dogs and cats in costumes! But our pets might not be as keen on costumes as we are. When you have the costume picked out and ready to go, let your pet do a test run. Make sure there are no little pieces they want to chew off to become a choking hazard. Check that  they can see, hear, move comfortably, and they’re not irritated by the costume. It can cause a lot of stress for our furry friends and we want them to be as happy as possible. If they don’t like the full costume, a bow or fancy collar may please both pet and owner.

Ghoulish Goodies

Get special dog treats for Halloween to steer them away from Halloween candy! Children’s candy can be a toxic temptation for pets. Dogs love chocolate, but chocolate does not love them. It contains theobromine which is toxic to pets. The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it contains. A few bites of milk chocolate which contains the least amount can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Baking chocolate contains the most — even the smallest amount can kill a dog.

Sugar-free candy can also be hazardous for your pets. The artificial sweetener xylitol is toxic for dogs. It can cause a dramatic drop in blood sugar leading to tremors, seizures and sometimes death. It’s found in human treats like gum and mints. halloween-dog-treats


On Halloween night, only take dogs with you if they are crowd-friendly. While they might be OK going out on their morning walks, Halloween brings out a lot more people — who don’t necessarily look like people. You don’t want them to get stressed out; they may not react the way they normally do even in a familiar neighborhood.

For those pets staying at home, all the people coming to the door and all of the opening and closing may cause alarm to your pets. To be kind to your dog and the kids in costumes, block off the entryway so they don’t get too excited or get out.

If your pet is an indoor-outdoor pet, keep them indoors on Halloween for the same reason you shouldn’t take them trick-or-treating; the unfamiliar costumes and number of people out and about may stress them out. Additionally, though there are myths surrounding black cats being the victims of pranksters around Halloween, the bigger concern is that they can’t be seen in the dark and get hit by cars. As an extra precaution on Halloween, make sure all pets have an ID tag in case they do get loose in the chaos of the holiday.

pumpkin-headDevilish Decorations

You know your pets and you know what they like to chew on, rub up against or bat. When you’re putting up Halloween decor, look out for little things that can be easily chewed off and swallowed. If you have a cat, think about what they like to climb and if your Halloween decor might be a temptation.

Be careful with jack-o-lanterns. Pumpkin in small amounts can be good for dogs’ digestion, if they eat too much, it will upset their stomachs. It’s also high in vitamin A which can be toxic if a dog consumes too much.

Use LED lights instead of candles. Cats and dogs don’t know the power of their tails and they can knock over candles or jack-o-lanterns lit by tea lights causing a fire. LED lights also eliminates the risk of a curious kitten getting burned.

We ramp up safety precautions for our kids on Halloween, but pets are part of the family, too; it only makes sense for us to take care of their Halloween needs as well.

Hug Your Cat Day: 5 Ways to Hug Your Cat Without Squeezing Him

hug-your-catHug Your Cat Day is Saturday but even the most affectionate cat probably doesn’t want to be hugged. Don’t worry – there are other ways to spoil your cat to show him you care. Here are 5 ways to hug your cat without squeezing him.

Sharpen the Claws Cats need scratching posts. They scratch to remove the old claws to make room for new claws. But they don’t scratch posts just to sharpen their claws – they also love the motion. Even cats that don’t have claws paw furniture just like they’re scratching. It’s like getting a good stretch.  Giving them something to scratch is a big, metaphorical hug.


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A Spot in the Sun Cats love a nice warm spot in the sun. Their normal temperature is about 102°F but, according to the Chicago Tribune, they remain quite comfortable at higher temperatures and the more outside heat they can absorb the more energy they conserve. By conserve, we mean take a nap — in the sun. So find the best sunbeam in the house and position the cat bed in its rays and your cat will experience something better than a hug.


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A Hole to Hide in Cats love to hide in tiny spaces. It’s mostly based on instinct: in nature, it helps cats hide so they can stalk their prey. It also provides a safe place to sleep for the 18 hours a day they have their eyes closed and aren’t monitoring their own predators. For domestic cats, under a sink or a dark corner of a small closet are safe places to pass out where predators (or terrorizing toddlers) can’t find them. You don’t have to give them a hole; a good box – large or small – will suffice.

A Perch to Bird Watch Bird watching is almost as fun to a cat as a good cat toy. They can sit at the window and watch the birds play for hours at a time. Though they can’t get to the birds, the feeling of going after the tiny, twittering animals is very exciting. If you want to give your cat the ultimate hug, put a birdfeeder directly outside your cat’s favorite window; it’s endless feline fun.

Brush Lastly, since your cat likely won’t take a hug, a good grooming may be welcomed. Cats love keeping clean and having all of their fur in order. It is a learned behavior – cats learn to lick themselves from their moms – but it’s also a necessary behavior. Grooming keeps cats cool and it spreads a natural secretion that protects them from the elements. But cats need help once in a while – a good brushing reduces hairballs and shedding… and a gentle brushing can be as relaxing as being pet and way better than a hug.

Even if your cat rejects your attempt at a hug, there are countless ways to show your cat affection. Remember: every time your cat rolls on the ground, rubs up against you or sounds off with a loud purr, your cat is showing you affection; it’s only fair to return the love.