National Adopt a Cat Month: Our Favorite Cats of the Internet

June is National Adopt a Cat Month! At The Lakeside Collection, we love our pets and we do our best to take care of them as a member of the family, but we can always make our families a little bigger! We don’t need any convincing to adopt a cat, but for people wavering on whether or not to take a new furry friend home, we have a few things to share. Here are our favorite cats of the internet to persuade you to bring home a new friend for life.

Cole and Marmalade
Here are Cole and Marmalade — they’re “celebrity cats” and you’ll see why they were elevated to celebrity status after their lesson on how cats say “I love you.” They’re frisky and lovable rescue cats who are always doing something interesting for the camera.

Jasper will make your heart swell! This little guy didn’t see his best friend for ten days and boy did he miss him! Jasper gave him his best hello hug and you can bet he won’t let go for ten days ever again!

Cold Canadian snow would give anyone the chills, but cats are curious creatures so it’s hard to hold them back from something as fascinating as snow. Plume the cat’s inquisitive inspection after a storm got him stuck outside. But cats are also masters of getting themselves out of the messes they get themselves in… and Plume’s homecoming was certainly masterful.

This is the appropriately named Lucifur and his buddy Honey Boo Boo. Everyone knows to be aware of attack cats — but Honey Boo Boo let down his guard at just the wrong moment…

Here’s a familiar summer scene for many humans — we go after a cool treat with a little too much enthusiasm and BAM! We get hit with the sweetest headache summer can deliver. Napo the cat captures this feeling perfectly with a spoonful of ice cream.

The Lakeside Collection wants to make every home happy and healthy for every member of the family. Whether you already have a furry friend or you’re thinking about adopting a new shaggy chum, Lakeside has products and ideas to make your home a little happier.

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