Hollywood’s Favorite Dads

You have just about two weeks to come up with a good way to celebrate your dad for Father’s Day. It’s tough to come up with something that doesn’t involve grilling and ties, so we looked to the silver screen for a little inspiration. Here are some of Hollywood’s favorite dads to give you a few Father’s Day ideas.


Clark Griswold

There couldn’t be a more well-meaning and less prepared dad than Clark Griswold. There are few dads who will endure angry old ladies, dead dogs and a gunshot all to give his family the opportunity to ride a roller coaster. He’s not the best dad and he’s not the worst, but Clark Griswold certainly makes his summer road trips memorable.



Anakin Skywalker

As Darth Vader, he was feared and loathed, but before turning to the dark side, Anakin Skywalker was a standup dad. In a desperate attempt to save his wife’s life, he joined the dark side making a physical and mental transformation that disappointed the Galactic Republic.Though he lived out the remainder of his life on the side of the evil Empire, his most impressive legacy is his children: Jedi Knight Luke and Princess Leia.



Mrs. Doubtfire

Marriage and family rarely turn out the way we expect them to — as is the case for Daniel Hillard, an out-of-work-actor in the middle of a divorce. In order to get more time with his kids he dresses up as a spinster nanny his ex-wife hires to care for the kids. The stunt launches him into a complete life-turnaround in which he regains the respect and trust of his ex-wife and a new career doing what he does best.


Ted Kramer

Ted Kramer was on his way up the advertising latter when his life comes crashing down around him. Kramer’s stay-at-home-wife leaves him to take care of his young son — a job he wasn’t prepared for. With a little practice and a lot of love, Ted picks himself up and dusts himself off to become an admirable working, single dad.



George Bailey

Facing social and financial ruin, George Bailey sees what life without him is like — and it isn’t any better. As a loving father and husband, he uses this realization to build on what he’s already created: an admiring family and a loyal community.
Dads come in all shapes, sizes and personalities and at The Lakeside Collection, we celebrate all of them! Whether they’re into action and adventure or they’re just fun-loving guys, we have something for every dad at Lakeside.

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