Sleepover Survival Guide: Licensed Characters Kids Adore

Parents know that planning a sleepover can be a little more difficult than it seems. Managing a house full of kids is hard enough without having to organize activities and make sure every kid has what they need to get a good night’s sleep. A group of friends can take care of entertaining themselves once the night begins. This sleepover survival guide will help parents get the party going and keep kids comfy with licensed characters.

Activities and Games to Entertain


The Licensed Pop-Up & Memory Combo Game is double the fun with some of their favorite characters. Pop the dice and race the pegs around the board to be the first to bring all the pieces home, or challenge friends to see who has the best memory with the matching game. With Disney 3D Crystal Puzzles, kids can create a figurine of one of their favorite Disney characters. The puzzle uses interlocking pieces to form a 3D figure in a crystallized look. They’ll have plenty of fun in the dark with Licensed Project-A-Lite Flashlights. It lets kids recreate fun scenes from their most-watched movies, with 6 interchangeable disks that feature their favorite animated characters. The disks can be stored inside the handle when not in use.

Pack Right and Sleep Tight


Make sure your kid is packed and ready for their sleepover in style with the Licensed Overnight Bag. The bag is covered in bold designs featuring their favorite comic book heroes or cartoon characters. The easy-to-carry bag is roomy enough to hold all of their necessities, and has an adjustable strap for carrying. The Kids’ Licensed Comfy Throw keeps them cozy during movies or bedtime. It features an opening in the back that allows for full coverage in front. The long sleeves and all-over design allows them to be their favorite character while keeping them warm. Make sleeping away from home more comfortable with the Licensed Inflatable Sleeping Bag. The inflatable design adds extra cushioning and the headrest has a pillow shape. The comfy cover fits perfectly over the mattress. Includes a manual pump for easy inflation and deflation.

5 Winter Activities for Kids

PenguinsWhen the first winter snow appears, it’s magical; by the eighth heavy snowfall of the season, you and your kids may start wishing for spring. Holiday fun can alleviate some of the boredom, but what happens after the tree’s taken down and the gifts are unwrapped? These fun indoor and outdoor winter activities are a great solution for the post-holiday blues.

1. Build a Snow Village

One of the simplest winter activities is still one of the best. Non-toxic, easy to mold and abundant, snow makes a wonderful building material for kids. Instead of sticking to snowmen that are fun to make but don’t do much once they’re complete, encourage kids to create their own snow villages. Let them use their imaginations to create fantasy snow castles, bustling snow spaceports, superhero hide-outs or anything else they can dream of making.

2. Bake Cookies Together

There’s no better time for baking than on chilly winter evenings, and kids love to help. Older children can do most of the assembling themselves with a little assistance from you. For younger kids, you’re the chief baker, and they’re your helpers who crack the eggs and level off the flour. Baking is only part of the fun; decorating the cookies you bake together is even more exciting. If you aren’t experienced in the kitchen, invest in a cookbook or a cookie kit.

3. Read a Good Book or Two

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and when the kids are stuck inside on a gloomy day, having an extensive library can be a life-saver. Young children often like to hear a familiar story told and re-told, but for older kids, new books hold more appeal. Keep a few books tucked in your closet for rainy days and pull them out when your kids complain about having nothing to do. For kids who get fidgety when they have nothing to do with their hands, look for activity books that include a model to assemble or an archaeological artifact to unearth.

4. Redecorate and Rearrange

Children love to have a space to call their own, and letting them participate in a room re-do can make a winter weekend fly. Going to the hardware store to pick out paint for walls and trim is an adventure in itself, and once the painting begins, the transformation becomes even more exciting. If you’ve recently painted and aren’t ready for a full room makeover, try rearranging the furniture, shelves and art. You can give a room a new look and more functionality without adding a thing to the space.

5. Get Crafty

Crafts are a wonderful way of keeping little hands and minds busy. Indoor crafts with winter themes such as cut-paper snowflakes or cotton-ball snowmen are perennial favorites, but take advantage of clear winter days with some outdoor craft projects. Kids can make beautiful ice candles with little more than cracked ice, an old milk container and melted wax. Working on bird feeders and birdseed sculptures teaches children how to care for nature while keeping them engaged in something fun.

Before you know it, the kids will be back in school and barreling toward summer, so make the most of winter while it’s here!

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Our Most Popular Kids Pins on Pinterest

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest craze, the time is now. Pinterest is a wealth of ideas, tips and everything in between. We are on Pinterest  go check it out—you’ll be glad you did. One of our most popular boards is our Kids! board. We’ve compiled our top five pins for you to check out below.


Kids can have fun chalking where they do their walking with a Sidewalk Designer kit and 50-Ct. Chalk set. From the backyard patio to the sidewalk and driveway out front, these tools will bring out their creative side. The Magic Art™ Spiral Sidewalk Design Kit allows a child to design giant sidewalk creations.


Kids won’t be dreading bath time when they know they get to play with this Tub Time Water Park Playset. They won’t ever get bored with all the options included. The 3-pc. waterway features a swing, a water wheel, a water scoop, a floating penguin, a floating hippo and 3 barricades to change water flow.


Engaging stories share lifelong lessons for young readers in this Make Manners Fun 8-Book Set. Each features cute animal characters to draw kids into the instructive tales.


Plush Turtle Ball Pit is a soft pal and a play place for babies and toddlers. The cozy and friendly Turtle Activity Bag and the Set of 25 Play Balls combine to entertain babies all afternoon. Sit them inside the pit, or zip the turtle up to discover other activities on the outside of its shell.


Kids can have fun chalking where they do their walking with a Sidewalk Designer kit and 50-Ct. Chalk set. From the backyard patio to the sidewalk and driveway out front, these tools will bring out their creative side. The Magic Art™ Spiral Sidewalk Design Kit allows a child to design giant sidewalk creations.

Economical Family Fun

With the holiday season fast approaching, many families are saving every penny toward gift shopping. Couple that fact with colder weather and quality family time tends to suffer. If you are trying to tighten your belt a little but still want to engage the whole family, here are some ideas.

Take a Hike:

The weather in parts of the country is starting to turn brisk, but old man winter has not quite swept in yet. Get outside for a nice hike. No TV, no distractions, just the whole family enjoying quality time together. This time of year is especially wonderful. While autumn weather sometimes requires an extra layer, the gorgeous changing leaves more than make up for the rosy cheeks.

Bon Appétit:

Family cooking allows for quality time that is purpose driven. If you do not like to cook, why not follow the old adage that many hands make light work. Plus you may be surprised what delicious dishes your kids come up with. For younger kids, have them help you with the main course. Older kids and teens can be charged with appetizers/sides or the favorite…dessert! Need ideas, has a variety of cookbooks perfect for whatever type of chef you are. A personal favorite, Delicious Treats Cookbooks, is full of creative and scrumptious sweets you can make right at home.

Family Game Night

A classic but favorite. For littler kids, the 4-1 Disney board game set is easy-to-learn and fun for ages 3 and up. Older kids will love 5 Second Rule. This game has a simple premise, just name 3 of something. But under the pressure of the clock, drawing a blank when trying to name 3 breeds or dogs, or saying a silly answer like ‘Justin Beiber’ for name 3 famous bald people is bound to happen!

Easter Games for Kids


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The Easter games below go back to ancient times, they are oldies but goodies.  Enjoy in the fun rituals and traditions that Easter brings.

1. Coloring Eggs: you can make this easy by buying a kit or use food dye, also try brown eggs- this earth tone color really helps bring out the dye color.

2. Easter Egg Hunt: kids will have fun trying to find the hidden eggs or candy.

3. Decorating Hats: get the creativity flowing by decorating hats, you can use an old hat or buy one at a dollar store.  Adding the flowers or plastic eggs make these hats very colorful.

4. Egg Toss: this is messy but fun, highly suggest to do this one outdoors!  If this is too messy for you, try passing the egg on a spoon game.

5. Easter Pinata: as if you didn’t have enough candy, kids always seem to enjoy hitting a pinata to get even more candy.

Any games or ideas you would like to add to this list?