Easter Games for Kids


Photo by: mistaric

The Easter games below go back to ancient times, they are oldies but goodies.  Enjoy in the fun rituals and traditions that Easter brings.

1. Coloring Eggs: you can make this easy by buying a kit or use food dye, also try brown eggs- this earth tone color really helps bring out the dye color.

2. Easter Egg Hunt: kids will have fun trying to find the hidden eggs or candy.

3. Decorating Hats: get the creativity flowing by decorating hats, you can use an old hat or buy one at a dollar store.  Adding the flowers or plastic eggs make these hats very colorful.

4. Egg Toss: this is messy but fun, highly suggest to do this one outdoors!  If this is too messy for you, try passing the egg on a spoon game.

5. Easter Pinata: as if you didn’t have enough candy, kids always seem to enjoy hitting a pinata to get even more candy.

Any games or ideas you would like to add to this list?

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