Flowers, are you planning for Spring?


Photo by rAmmoRRison

Very shortly we will see the crocus, daffodil, and soon after tulips springing up from the dormant ground.  Spring is around the corner.  This will be the time to get back into the swing of things by working off those few extra pounds that seem to come from the winter months.  It is time to rake up the dead leaves and trim the dead growths around bushes and perennials.  What else can we do for beautiful flowers this spring, well I am not sure so I decided to consult our expert employee here at Lakeside, Elaine, for her top 3 tips for flowers.  She received these tips from her trustly source, Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener.

Tip #1:  Don’t plant your bulbs without babying them!  Dust them with medicated baby powder before planting, and the varmints will stay away.  This one simple step could save their lives.

Tip #2:  The best time to plant roses is very early in the spring.  Dormant roses will produce a large crop of flowers the first season if they are carefully planted.  Mound earth all over them until growth starts.

Tip #3:  Deer, chipmunks, mice and moles all hate daffodils, which are slightly toxic and unpalatable to them.  So to protect your tulips, hyacinths, and other delectable delights, interplant daffodil bulbs in and among them.

Thanks Elaine for the tips, anyone have any other helpful tips?

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