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Here at the Lakeside Collection we are celebrating the imminent release of the new Harvest Catalog. In this new catalog you’ll find hundreds of new items and unbeatable prices. Some of the items that I really enjoyed are:

The Quick Lawn Grass seed which is perfect for those areas in your yard that aren’t full of grass that your neighbors don’t seem to have a problem with. You’ll be the envy of  your neighbors with this new quick grass seed and compete for the best looking lawn in your neighborhood.

If you are like me odds are, you love cookies. I simply love them. Thankfully we sell cookie sheets that are insulated and offer a great way to bake fresh homemade cookies. These cookie sheets offer triple layer protection with a combination of heavyweight steel and an aluminum radiant shield you get two sets for only $14.95, which you can compare to other stores that sell these for $14.95 for just 1 cookie sheet!

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  1. John B. Mays says:

    While looking at your Harvest 2010 catalog, I became extremely concerned about 3 items advertised. The alcohol related hoodies, the stackable drinking game and the alcohol related drink mixing book.(pgs 75,160,116)I truly believe with all the problems associated with substance abuse that a well thought of company should not be advertising for sale, items that can be purchased by teens or younger children. What kind of message are we sending. I have been a therapist in the substance abuse field for many years and have seen many bad things that are the direct result of substance abuse. Please consider removing these items from your catalog and I truly believe your company will reap many rewards. Let people know that your have done this. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  2. Lois Jones says:

    I purchased a canvas bag to store fishing rods last fall and I can’t figure out how it works. Can you send me a picture of this item with details on what the storage pockets, etc are for. I have lost the catalog I ordered it from.

  3. Would like you to send hard copy Harvest catalog to: Linda S. Baloga
    910 Hwy 12
    Kamiah, ID 83536

    Thank you so much. I have ordered from Lakeside Collection number of times. Great deals and nice quality!!

  4. jodis4care says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you for your orders and posting how pleased you are with our prices and products. With every new catalog, we get even more great items just for our customers!

    I have located your account and requested that a current catalog be mailed out to you. We currently do not have any of the Harvest catalog available to issue out, but you can still view and order online.

    If I may be of any assistance, please email

    Warm Regards,

    Customer Care Specialist

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