Natural Gemstone Tea Lights

These Natural Gemstone Tea lights are great for your living room area. With each of these gemstones there is a well or hole in the center that will hold one tea light. Plus these stones have a symbolic meaning and each have a specific healing quality. They are from different types of translucent quartz that is mined in South America, famous for its Gems. The Agate gemstone is thought to provide strength and protection from stress while the Rose Quartz is said to promote love, balance and healing. It’s also important to remember that these stones will vary in size and color as they are naturally occurring stones.  They normally retail for $9.95, but we’ve have marked them down to only $7.95. Get them while they are still in stock.

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  1. candles says:

    What a beautiful gemstone collection to feature the tea light. I will be sure to browse your site!

  2. jodis4care says:

    Greetings candles,

    Welcome to Lakeside. I have to agree this is a beautiful piece that anyone would love to have that loves candles. Very unique. I am sure you will enjoy shopping with us.

    Warm Regards,


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