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  1. Paula says:

    I was just wondering if you were goin to continue to carry the hearts and stars kitchen collection???? i fell in love with it and want to do my kitchen in this decor… but when i went to the website to order most of the items were sold out…. please tell me you’ll be getting more in… thanks

  2. Michelle Jones says:

    Greetings Paula,

    I am delighted to hear that you love our Hearts and Stars Kitchen Collection! It’s one of our favorite collections as well, hence the reason many of the items are sold out.

    Although we don’t have stock on these items right now, because of the popularity of this collection they may be available in the future. Please keep visiting our web site for stock updates. What’s more, you can check out our web site for similar items.

    I was able to locate a Kitchen Collection that we have do have in stock and if you would like to know more about this collection, please contact me directly at

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Michelle Jones
    Customer Support Specialist

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