Stepping In As Ed McMahon

Over the last couple weeks I was charged with informing the Lakeside Collection $1,000 Sweepstakes winners that they won a $1,000 American Express gift card.  No, I did not get to road trip around America with balloons and a comically large check knocking on doors; however I did get to make some pretty interesting phone calls.

So how did people react?  Well not exactly as I expected.   I anticipated screams and even had positioned myself a little distance from the phone to avoid permanent auditory damage.  However most of the fans actually said ‘no.’  Not ‘no, I don’t accept your prize,’ but ‘no, I don’t believe you.’  They all did come around, but I didn’t expect I would have to convince them that they actually won.  Of course their initial shock and disbelief was quickly followed with a flood of gratitude.  When I asked how they would spend their windfall, many said on gifts for the holidays or that they would share it with their family and friends.  Once again I was taken by surprise…not one person said they would put it on red and let it ride.

Our executive team took notice on the great ways Lakeside fans planned to spend a gift card this holiday season, and decided to have another sweepstakes!  The theme this time is Spread the Joy.  TWO lucky people each day (starting tomorrow through December 11th) will win a $500 American Express gift card.  Check out our Facebook page for more details and your chance to enter!

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  1. Brian Gomez says:

    This is a great idea! spread the joy!!!

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