Hit the Snooze on Black Friday This Year

Though a time honored tradition…bracing cold weather and overtired bargain hunters seems like an awfully difficult way to save some cash for the holidays.  Especially considering Lakeside.com offers an unbeatable Black Friday sale sans the early wake-up call (check out our page on 11/25 for up to 75% off).

However we understand some of you may get a bout of insomnia the day after Thanksgiving.  We want to help, so here are our top 5 suggestions of better things to do at 4am instead of hit early bird ‘sales’

5. Sneak downstairs to raid the wonderful leftovers…we’ll stand behind you that all the pie was eaten the night before

4. Work on your Presidential impersonations

3. Assemble a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a picture of a pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces

2. Attempt to write the Preamble using only letters found in your bowl of alphabet soup

1. Shop Lakeside.com!

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  1. Aslan says:

    Good to see real expertise on display. Your cobiotnutirn is most welcome.

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