We are launching a fun Lakeside Madness bracket and need YOUR help to pick the top product.  The winning product wins the prestigious title of “2012 Spring Fan Favorite.”  Before we can name a winner, we need to narrow the field.  We are starting with 16 and will end with one.

The products were all picked by our very own Twittering buyer Samantha.  (If you don’t already follow her, check out what she has to say at!/LakesideBuyer).  We split the products down into 4 regions: At Home, Garden, Summer Fun, and Crafts.  The winners of this first round will be announced on March 23rd and immediately following that you will be able to vote for the next round.  You can only vote once per round, but can vote each round.  Below is the starting bracket and here is a link where you can vote.  You can also get all the details on our Facebook page.

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