Lakeside Madness: Round of 16 Winners & Analysis

Lakeside Madness is in full swing and today we are excited to announce the winners of the round of 16.  Once you read the match-ups, remember to vote in this round to advance your favorites one step closer to the title “2012 Spring Fan Favorite.”  Click here to vote now.

At Home Region

In the biggest upset of the tournament to date, Fun Dots Microfiber Sheet Set defeated overall #1 seed Gerber Daisy Bath Collection.  Despite a relatively close showing, the sheets maintained the advantage throughout all 4 days of voting.  In this same region Metal Wine and Glass Rack beat Designer Broom and Dustpan Set to advance to the round of 8.  It will be exciting to see how the sheets and wine rack match-up.  The sheets definitely have the cute/fun factor, but I think fans will continue to gravitate to the classic wine rack.

Summer Fun Region

The Collapsible Insulated Basket secured their spot in the final 8 despite size and swagger.  The fun patterns and immense size of the Jumbo Reversible Beach Blanket were no match for the sleek design and convenient usability of the basket.  Summer fun continued to sizzle with The Light-Up Bubbleizer topping the #2 ranked (and hot-selling) Women’s Sublimation Print Cover-Up.  It will be interesting to see how the Bubbleizer holds up to the basket in a head-to-head match-up.  The fans will need to choose between function & whimsy in this pairing.

Garden Region

Easily the closest match of the whole tournament went to the Animal Hose Holder Vs. the Spring Garden Seed Roll.  These two products constantly changed leads throughout the week, but the hose holder just edged out the seed roll by a margin of 51% to 49%.  Also in the garden region, lantern Vs. lantern faced off.  In the end, #4 seed Glass Solar Lantern Stake upset the Pineapple Candle Lantern by a wide margin, moving the glass solar lantern stakes on to face the animal hose.

Crafts Region

Our final region saw the largest margin of victory of any one product over another; however both match-ups proved to be blowouts.  The Easy Change Artwork Frame annihilated the 41 Pc. Gift Bag Set collecting 3X the number of votes.  The biggest win of the week though was the Laminator overwhelming overpowering the Martha Steward Deep Edge Punches.  The laminator acquired a staggering 77% of the votes.  These two powerhouses will be facing off starting today and only one can win their way to the final 4.

Don’t forget to vote today for the round of 8 winners.  Click here to vote and check back on March 27th, to see which products advance.

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