Lakeside Madness – And Then There Were Four

We have our final 4 products left bidding for the title of “2012 Spring Fan Favorite.”  Today I will break down the finalists: Fun Dots Microfiber Sheet Set, Collapsible Insulated Basket, Glass Solar Lantern Stake and Laminator.

This year not one of the #1 ranked products made it to the final four.  Actually the field is made up of a #2 seed and three #4 seeds.  So which product will take home the title?  With so many favorites gone, it truly is anyone’s title.

The Fun Dots Microfiber Sheets has had a hard road through the stellar At Home Region.  First beating out the #1 overall Gerber Daisy Bath Collection then trumping the Metal Wine and Glass Rack.  The polka dots have delivered twice already this tournament, but the strength  and durability of the basket could end this Cinderella run.

The Collapsible Insulated Basket likewise had a hard road to the final four, facing down the Jumbo Reversible Beach Blanket and kid-favorite Bubbleizer.  The unique style and showmanship of this product, not flashy but extraordinarily durable, has help secure the basket’s rightful place in the quarterfinals.

Out of the Garden Region emerged the Glass Solar Lantern Stakes.  Though perfectly matched with another lantern in the first round, the copper-finish and sophisticated hand-blown glass showed a level of maturity that could not be vanquished by the youthful Pineapple Lantern.  Then it was just a matter of ousting the equally whimsical Animal Garden Hose to advance.

Finally, and certainly the most exciting match-up, was the Laminator literally inching out the Easy Change Artwork Frames by a single vote.  Up until the final day of voting, this pairing was too close to call.  The laminator has stronger staying power and that is why it’s the representative from the Crafts Region.

You get to decide which two products are left standing on Monday.  VOTE HERE to cast your vote today!

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