Dog Days of Summer

June is just around the corner and everyone (human and K9 alike) can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the warmth of summer.  After being cooped up indoors all winter, now is the perfect time to take your dog for a walk, play outside, and have some fun!  Outdoor play means dirt and bugs, so remember to specify special outdoor-only toys for fun in the sun.

Below are two of our favorite toys for summer.  (1) Pogo Plush™ Dog Toy has a unique design perfect for challenging play.  The squeaker is protected behind a rubber cage that provides structure for the toy and has a cool bounce-back effect.  The best part…no stuffing!  (2) Fetch, welcome to 2012.  This Flying Dog Toy is a slingshot-like toy that can go be shot up to 100’ in the air.  This is also a great toy to take down to the lake or pool…it floats!

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