Dog Days of Summer

August is drawing to a close and that sense of sheer panic that summer is almost over has started to sink in.   As you enjoy these last weeks of hot days and warm nights don’t forget to make the most of it with your furry friend.

1.)      Go for extended walks somewhere new and fun!   Take your dog to the state park, for a walk along the lake, or down to a dog friendly beach.   If you are lucky enough to have a dog park by you make it a priority to visit.  Letting your dog cut loose for an hour with other dogs is sure to result in plenty of laughs AND a pooped pooch.  A tired dog is a good dog.

2.)    Remember to leash your dog when you take him on adventures and walks. While your dog might be a little angel it is inevitable that you will run into someone with a pack of devil dogs.  Having your dog leashed and close to you will keep your pup safer.  Additionally, you can never really predict when a delicious looking squirrel might pop up.  Better to be safe than to spend ten minutes chasing your brave squirrel hunter down!

Dog Swimming

3.)    Give your dog an end of the summer “spa” treatment.  Start by giving your dog a good bath with an appropriate shampoo.   There are special shampoos for doing everything to getting rid of that funky dog smell to soothing itchy dry skin.  After your pup is so fresh and so clean, give him a good once over to check for ticks or the presence of fleas.  Post bath time is also an excellent time to trim your dog’s nails.

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