Buyers’ Pick – Items we Love: Plush Turtle Ball Pit

Our buyer’s pick this week is from our toy buyer, Nancy. Her pick is the Plush Turtle Ball Pit. A great item that will bring your child through a few years as well as being an adorable item for any child’s room. Here is what Nancy had to say:

A fun activity for ages 6 months to 3 years old! Keep your little one entertained for hours.  The cute plush turtle alone is a ball bit, toy holder, and plush pal all in 1. He has multiple activities to keep your little one entertained such as crinkling feet, mirror, and squeaker.  As we show the turtle acts as a fun little ball pit and easily zips up when not in use. Without the use of the ball pit this turtle can easily help keep the playroom clean and organized as a place to hold other fun toys.

What makes this Turtle even more exciting is that this is a Lakeside exclusive item! Any child would surely be happy to have this Turtle in their playroom.


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