And the Winner Is…You! For Hosting the Perfect Oscar Party

Perfect-Oscar-PartyPeople who think that party season ends with New Year’s Eve are missing out on a great excuse to celebrate: The Oscars. Heat things up this winter by hosting the perfect Academy Awards party.

Set the tone for the evening with fun movie-ticket shaped invites or formal black-and-white numbers. Make a note about attire; a black tie makes for an elegant affair and is a great excuse to wear that evening gown stashed in the back of your closet. For a little bit of levity, suggest guests wear “creative black tie.” It’s fun to see your friends embrace tuxedo t-shirts, tuxedo pants paired with leather tops, and outrageous dresses for the evening.

Set the Mood
Turn your foyer into a red carpet with a red aisle runner to welcome guests. Add some velvet ropes or make your own out of twisted crepe paper. Grab a digital video camera and interview guests as they arrive, then break the ice by inviting everyone to watch the recording. Create a party atmosphere by decorating with foil stars, film reels or cut-outs of Oscar himself. Have fun accessories on hand like feather boas, top hats and tiaras so guests can play dress-up, and leave your favorite movie soundtrack playing in the background.

Food and Drink
Pass fancy hors d’oeuvres like shrimp and caviar on silver trays and offer guests flutes of champagne as the party starts, then serve a buffet main course. Name a dish or two after nominated films, like “Life of Pi Sweet Potato Pie” or “Frankenweenie Cocktail Sausages.” Once the awards show starts, set up a concession-stand-like display of popcorn in red-and-white bags and favorite movie candies that guests can munch while they watch. For dessert, bake star-shaped cookies covered in edible gold glitter or whip up a silky black-and-white mousse served in crystal dessert dishes or martini glasses.

That’s Entertainment
The awards program is the star of the show, but fill in the gaps with Oscar-themed games to keep guests from zoning out in front of the TV. Print some Oscar ballots and ask everyone to predict the winners; the person with the most right answers wins a movie theater gift certificate. Prepare Oscar-themed trivia questions or present your own awards for “best dressed” or “most dramatic entrance” during commercial breaks. Offer the winners plastic versions of the little gold man, and request an acceptance speech.

Your Oscar party, like the movies it celebrates, should be all about entertainment. A touch of glamour, a lot of laughs, and plenty of food and drink make for a festive event where you and your friends might even have more fun than the nominees themselves.

This was a guest post by PJK. 

Image Credit: ArtVoice

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