3 Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

SavingThe price of living seems to go up and up and up these days and has left a lot of us struggling to find ways to keep the costs down. Well, struggle no more. There are many simple ways you can save precious dollars on your energy bills. Energy companies seem to have taken advantage of another cold winter by upping their prices at a very inconvenient time and so now it’s time for us to fight back.

The good news is saving money doesn’t have to cost you mega bucks. There is no point having a solution to save you money in the long run but leaves you with no option but to re-mortgage your home in order to put it in place. Any money spent on these money saving options will be an investment for the future and will help reduce costs almost immediately.

What is it? 

AThermostatic Radiator Valve

How Can It Save Me Money? 

A thermostatic radiator valve can be attached to your existing radiator and will help give you a much more detailed control over the temperature in your room. Usually you only have the choice of a number system from 1-5 which is far from exact and means the temperature not only fluctuates too often but could be set needlessly high without you knowing. These thermostatic radiator valves will regulate the flow of hot water into your radiator in accordance to a pre-set desired temperature. This way there will be no more excessive heat energy used and your bills will be reduced.

What Is It?

Cavity wall insulation

How Can It Save Me Money?

If your house was built between 10 and 100 years ago then chances are  it was built with cavity walls that are not insulated. Simply filling in the gap between the cavity wall means less heat can escape and you don’t have to have the heating on for as long or as high. Discovering if you have cavities to fill is a simple process and can be done quickly and efficiently.  Contact a specialist straight away to see if you need this procedure done.

What Is It?

Standby Saver

How Can It Save Me Money

You can buy them singularly or as a multi socket and all you need to do is plug your electronic devices in and set the saver to switch them off when they are placed on standby. We tend to leave a lot of things on standby all over the house without realizing how much energy is used on a daily basis. With the Standby Saver you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn everything off yourself as the plug will do it for you.

Chris Mayhew likes to save money wherever he can and feels that the best place to start is at home. He is working for West Radiators who supply a variety of different radiator valves to help you reduce your heating bills. 

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