The Wonderful World of the Golden Globes

golden-globe-awardsThe Golden Globes are the most glamorous, most prestigious event in Hollywood. The international society of entertainment journalists known as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) never fails to throw an unforgettable party. This point of pride has only become stronger during the Golden Globe’s illustrious 70-year history. Today, the Golden Globe Awards represent the height of Hollywood glamour. While some things have changed, the Golden Globes will always be the definitive Hollywood award show. If Golden Globe tickets went on sale, they would be a guaranteed box office sellout.

The Award Presentation
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been going strong since WWII, and the association’s reach keeps growing. Originally, the Golden Globe Awards were presented by HFPA members–until the Rat Pack showed up. Back in the late 50s, Frank, Sammy and Dean stormed the stage with booze in hand to make the presentation a little more “interesting.” Interesting hardly covers the unimaginably strange moments that have happened on stage. However, celebrity presenters are still the award show standard.

The Trophies
The lucky few who walk away with gilded globes are selected by the HFPA’s 90-member roster. These high-powered entertainment journalists represent dozens of countries and more than 250 million readers. To create a trophy that represents the prestige of this event, the HFPA spends approximately $800 on each statuette. Each 5.5-pound trophy features a 24-karat gold plated globe set on a fine Eastern European marble base. Like most award shows, recipients receive a blank trophy on stage that can be returned for engraving after the event. There are also several honorary Golden Globe Awards.

Miss Golden Globe
Since 1963, the Miss or Mr. Golden Globe Awards have been presented to a celebrity’s son or daughter. This year, 19-year-old Francesca Eastwood will receive the honor. Although Eastwood is attending USC to study fashion, she has acted alongside her parents Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher. Her credits include True Crime, The Stars Fell on Henrietta and the E! reality show Mrs. Eastwood and Company where she appears with her step-mother and half-sister. Francesca isn’t the first Eastwood to receive this award. Her other half-sister, Kathryn Eastwood, received the honor in 2005.

The Cecile B. DeMille Award
This ultra-prestigious award commemorates outstanding lifetime achievements. Cleopatra director Cecile B. DeMille was the first recipient of this eponymous award, which was also given to Walt Disney and Morgan Freeman. This year, Jodie Foster will receive the award for her long and highly successful career.

The Organization
The HFPA is an exclusive club for the world’s most elite entertainment critics. It’s so prestigious that only five new members are inducted each year. Although the Golden Globes are about glamour and status, they’re also about giving back. The HFPA donates the award show proceeds to create scholarships and to make charitable contributions that benefit future entertainment professionals.

The dazzling stars and the spontaneous moments of the Golden Globes continue to draw in fans year after year making this event one of the most-watched award shows in history.

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