Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

Is there anything better than sitting at your computer with a purring cat on your lap or watching television with your dog curled at your feet? If you’re an animal lover, you know that pets make a house feel like a home. In honor of the dog days of summer, this week’s focus is on favorite items for your furred and feathered friends. They’re cherished family members too, so show them your love with fun toys, comfortable beds, feeders and pet furniture to make them feel at home.

Make a hammock for your hound or a cradle for your cat with this cozy pet bed. Pets love having their own beds, and this one fits any small- or medium-sized pet. The sturdy folding frame keeps your dog or cat off the floor for cooler naps in summer and warmth in winter. Because the easy-to-clean polyester lining molds to fit your pet, it’s perfect for a puppy who might outgrow a smaller bed or for multiple pets who like to share space. Rabbits and ferrets also like this comfortable bed.

Whether they’re kittens or senior citizens, cats need to climb and play. Without their own furniture, the curious creatures will sometimes make your sofa or counters their playground, whether you want them there or not. Give your kitty a plush loft cat bed with its own scratching post, and reclaim your furniture. The sweet pattern on the acrylic pile fabric goes with any decor and looks neat even with heavy traffic in multiple-cat households. Bring a ball toy to fascinate your feline family member, and this pet furniture cover can be an entertainment center as well as a bed.

Your pets give you unconditional love, but they don’t always give you their undivided attention when you try to correct their behavior. Get a collection of pet behavior modification sprays to do the talking for you. Made for dog or cat owners, these sprays act as a reminder and gentle correction for pets. Spray the products where you don’t want your animals to scratch, dig, mark or go, and they’ll instinctively avoid those areas. Animals’ noses are more sensitive than ours. What you smell as a faint and pleasant herbal aroma, they smell as a vivid warning. Keep your dog from digging up your garden or your cat from sharpening his claws on the furniture without raising your blood pressure by spraying.

Not every creature that enriches your life is a pet, and with a bird feeder, you can catch a glimpse of nature’s wild beauty. Welcome hummingbirds into your yard with a handblown glass bird feeder and enjoy watching your grateful feathered guests eat. Hummingbirds migrate, so you can see different species throughout the year. Because they’re handcrafted, each blown glass bird feeder has a unique kaleidoscope of colors and fits in a metal frame for easy hanging. The drip-free base keeps the sweet nectar in the feeder and prevents it from drawing ants or other pests.

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