How To Make Headboard Stylish And Comfortable

headboardNo doubt, beds are the most important piece of equipment in a bedroom and adding style to them will ultimately add style to the room and enhance your sleeping experience. Whether you want to add some personalisation or you want to save up costs or maybe go for something unique that won’t be available on the market, whatever the reason is, creating your own head board  can be fun, an is a must try.

Sports Inspired
Are you a sports fan? Especially for one that requires sticks or bats such as ice hockey, field hockey,or golf?  A DIY headboard can easily be created using a number of these items. Nailing them on the wall or nailing clasps and then clasping them on the wall behind your bed can make your headboard stand out in no time. Make sure the mattress hides the clasps if you go for that option. For only a hockey theme, arrange the sticks in order of different lengths, you can have a semi-circle or V shape, sticks from various companies can be used while some can even be upside down for the logo or an autograph to show, go for one straight showing the paddle follow by one back and so on. For variety of sports add a stick of each sport to create your own sport themed head board.

Colorful String Headboard
This is a great, fun and cheap method to add color to any room. All you need is yarn or slightly thick string in various colors and a wooden frame to fit your bed which should be around 1 or 2 inches thick. Simple wooden lengths of 2” thick strips can be purchased and super glued together t the ends to make a frame to fit your bed.

Next take your yarn or string and create an abstract web type pattern; attach one end of a string to a length while attach the other to another length. Drills can be made in the wood and strings can be passed through and tied for durability else they can also be glued if you want to avoid drilling. Choose different length strings and in different colors and don’t worry about order or a specific pattern, you will be surprised by the beauty of the end result. A dark color wall makes your strings prominent while hanging large canvas prints nearby in similar colors will add more attention your headboard.

Cushiony Headboard
Have soft, upholstered headboards always inspired you? You can create something similar but more unique and for a fraction of the cost simply on your even, and it will even be softer! Just purchase a bunch of normal sized cushions, stitch the corners together to create a rectangle or square, anything you prefer and attach the final cushion art on top of your bed! You have no idea how creative this will look.

These are some of the ideas that can help you to create a intriguingly beautiful headboard yourself that will impart an elegant new look not only to your bed but to entire room as well.

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