Recreating a Small Family Room the Whole Family Can Enjoy

small-family-roomCreating a homey atmosphere for your family can bring everyone closer together. By incorporating small and comfortable furnishings, colors that are inviting, and electronics that can make family time fun, you’ll design an environment which the whole family will love using.

Implement a Plan
Before you embark on your remodeling project, you want to get input from the entire family. This could include recommendations on colors, furnishings and gadgetry that the room should have. You can also get opinions on the uses behind the room. Will this be mostly for entertainment purposes or do you want this to be an area for family, friends and a place to watch movies and play games?

Paint and Wallpaper
Loud and boisterous colors can be unsettling such as hot pink, purple and goldenrod. When designing living space that brings the family together, you want to choose a shade that promotes relaxation and happiness. Warm colors such as beige, soft yellow, burnt orange and burgundy can instill peace and harmony. You can add bolder colors with wallpaper and borders to the family room.

Great Furniture
Shopping online for your furniture can get the entire family involved in the purchase. Looking online for the right sized sofa, loveseat or sectional for a family, especially when your space is limited, allows you to shop when it’s most convenient for you. Stores are typically open a certain period of time throughout the day. However, with family obligations, extra-curricular activities for the children and work, you may be unable to shop during stores hours.

Many of the online stores also offer a wider range of different colors and apartment-sized merchandise for customers than what’s typically in stock in a store warehouse. You can also save money with their discounted prices and by not wasting gas running from store to store. If you’re looking to match a specific throw or area rug to the color of your sofa, you can just hold it up to your lap top and get an idea of what shades work best with your home.

You can add a host of accessories that showcase the entire family. From family photos to artistic treasures on the wall, you want to bring everything together stylishly and add character with various personal touches. A new sofa and chair deserve comfortable throws and pillows to adorn it. If you pick out solid colored furnishings, you can jazz things up with accessories that include patterns and bold prints. You can also decide on the types of electronic gadgetry you wish to include. An entertainment center where you can watch movies, play games and gather together as a family will be a cozy environment that brings everyone together.

The family room is the heart of the home where memories are spent together as a family. Taking the area and making it into something comfortable, and incorporating the various familial personalities, can make it an enjoyable place to congregate for everyone.

Lisa Coleman has a large family and understands what a great family room can do to encourage quality time spent together.

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