Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

About 50 million people will travel to visit friends and family over the Thanksgiving weekend. While the celebration is great once you get there, the trip home isn’t always as much fun, especially if you have antsy kids in the car. This week, we have some suggestions to make travel easier on you and your family. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, you’ll find these travel-ready items to be must-haves for future holiday trips. Christmas isn’t far off, and you’ll be glad you prepared for the drive!

snack-trayChildren need to stay in car seats for safety’s sake, but being strapped in with nothing to do can be dull – and a bored kid is a cranky kid. With this On-the-Go Fun and snack tray, your little ones have their own personal play space for toys, books, art or whatever tickles their fancy. The soft foam sides keep everything on the tray, and it attaches easily and safely to any standard car seat. It’s also ideal for keeping crackers and raisins from tumbling out of a child’s hands and under the seats, so it keeps your car cleaner for the next trip you take.

NFL-CoolerFootball and Thanksgiving are synonymous in many households, so why not show your team spirit while on the road with Coleman® Coolers for your next long drive? The soft-sided case readily folds for easier storage when you reach your destination while its insulated sides keep sodas, juice and water cool for hours. For game-day parties when you know you’ll be staying put, it’s also great for beer and other chilled drinks. Stow sandwiches, coleslaw or anything else that needs to be kept cool in the case if you don’t need room for two dozen cans. A shoulder strap makes transporting the nylon case convenient, and the stylish case’s gray body sets off any team’s colors beautifully. At Lakeside’s prices, you can get two or three and have the perfect gift for the NFL fan who has everything.

auto-tredsOne of the best gifts you can give yourself or someone you love fits in the trunk of a car. These Snow Escape Auto Treads could mean the difference between being stuck in snow for hours and getting out quickly. Unlike kitty litter or boards, the Snow Escape tracks take up almost no space in your car’s trunk. The set of two treads is just the right size to fit behind a tire and supply the traction your wheels need to get out of the snow or ice and back onto the road safely. Made of sturdy plastic, the 26-inch treads are reusable yet take up almost no space in your car because of their flat design. Make winter driving safer for you and everyone else on your holiday shopping list this season. At these prices, you can afford to give every driver you know a stocking-stuffer.

Whether you’re coming back from a Thanksgiving reunion with the folks, going to the office Christmas party or taking off for a well-deserved vacation, having these travel necessities will make your trip a more pleasant one.

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