Hot Trends: Five Ways Wear a Scarf

If you keep up with all the latest trends you probably own a scarf. This trend has gotten hot and everyone is wearing them in multiple ways. If you have a few of these fun accessories in your closet but aren’t sure how to use them, we put together five fabulous ways to wear your scarves and be confident.


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1.Slip Knot 

Likewise known as the classic European way of wearing scarves, this approach is typically made by those who are somewhat in a hurry and has little time to decide on how they should wear their scarves. To perform this way of wearing a piece of scarf, you have to do the following. First, you have to half fold the scarf, thereby creating a slip knot. Then you have to wrap the scarf around your neck. After that, you have to pull the loose ends of the scarf. You should then tighten and adjust the scarf as you like it.




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2. Loose Ends

When you are not satisfied with the slip knot way of wearing a scarf, you could try the loose ends method, which is great when it has gotten a little cold outside. For this, you just have to drape the scarf on your neck. However, take note that the loose ends should not be of the same length – one should be longer that the other. Then, you should wrap the longer end twice around your neck. After doing that, you have to tuck the end into the wrap, then pull the end out from the bottom. To secure the scarf in place, you can tie a single-knot, and then adjust it to conceal it.



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3. Looper

If you don’t want to look classic, then you can try the looper look. As you guessed, this is called a looper because it forms a loop. This can be achieved by draping first the scarf on your neck. Then you should proceed by tying a knot where the ends meet. After than cross the scarf to form an infinity sign or an 8. Then you have to loop the top circle over your head.





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4. Twist and Tie 

Simple and elegant, this way of wearing a scarf works by draping the fabric on your neck. Then you have to cross and wrap the scarf around your neck. After that, you need to tie the two loose ends. Then you have to ruffle the scarf and tuck the loose ends inside your garment.




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5. Relaxed Tie 

If you seemed to be restricted by the Twist and Tie, perhaps the Relaxed Tie would suit. Don’t worry about things like mix and matching, since this method suits any outfit you have. To achieve this, drape the scarf around your neck, resulting to equal loose ends. Then tie a loose knot and keep the center open on one side of the scarf. After that, you have the thread the other end through the loop, and pull it through. Finish by adjusting the scarf by pulling the shorter end.



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  1. There are so many different ways of wearing an infinity scarf, and you can see the uniqueness of it to each other. Like these ways, you shared to us. Having knowledge of wearing an infinity scarf to the different ways is so good, since you can use it in so many occasions; you need to attend to or in a casual way.

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