5 Ideas on How to Enjoy Being Outdoors without Being in the Sun


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With the threat of skin cancer all around us during the summer, experts suggest staying out of the sun. That’s easier said than done in July when you want to frolic on the beach our take a dip in the pool, but there are ways to have fun in the summer without the sun. Here are 5 ideas on how to enjoy being outdoors without being in the sun.

Masked Meadows Spending the day at the park doesn’t necessarily mean spending a day in the sun. A green, lush park with tree branches extending over walks and meadows provide sufficient shade. Bring a long a few outdoor games for the kids or a blanket for reading and you can  have a fun and relaxing day outside without doing damage to your skin. The summer isn’t worth waiting for if you can’t enjoy the weather.


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Animals and Awnings A day at the zoo is a day in the shade. Part of the purpose of zoos is taking care of animals, which means zoos protect animals from the elements – rain or shine. Most zoos are designed to provide significant shade to keep the animals comfortable and healthy. Trees and foliage cloak zoo paths and structures are provided to give shade to both visitors and residents of the zoo. And, just like the animals, if it’s too hot outside, there’s an indoor viewing option.

Canopied Climb Hiking trails offer a lot of shade – if you pick the right trail. Higher elevations tend to be dense with trees making it difficult for the sunlight to reach you. On top of being shady, it’s also cooler at higher elevations, so if it’s a hot summer day, a high hike will give you a break from the heat.

Parasols and Pastures Though botanical gardens need sun for their plants to thrive, you can find plenty of shade outdoors. Some of a botanical garden’s best assets are the trees – they absorb the sunshine from high up so they can provide shade for you down below. Save for desert cities like Phoenix, you’ll find plenty of shade on botanical garden grounds.

Image Source: Florrie Bassingborn via Flickr

Image Source: Florrie Bassingborn via Flickr

Cloaked Camping Pitching a tent under the timber means little sunlight gets to you and you’ll still have the pleasure of spending time outside. Camping deep in the forest, the sun is filtered through the trees so you can explore and observe nature without sunburns. As a day into night activity, you don’t forget it’s summer and the thoughts of dangers that come with the sun subside.

You can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun. Remember to wear sunscreen year-round, keep your skin covered at all times and stay out of the sun between 10am and 4pm — the most hazardous time of the day — and you can reduce your chances of getting skin cancer. One day out of the sun isn’t a cure-all, but it can’t hurt.

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