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Dogs-1July 31st is National Mutts Day. At Lakeside we think all dogs are cute, but we can only put so many in our catalog. In honor of Mutts Day, we’d like to introduce you to some of our dog models.

This is Ginger. She's a rescue dog. Her owner and trainer nursed her back to health after having serious hip problems. As you can see, she recovered well as she models a snug faux fur coat in faux snow.

Ginger patiently poses in her fur coat.


This is Ginger. She’s a rescue dog. She had a broken hip when she went to live with her foster family. While her foster family nursed her back to health, she  won them over and now has a permanent home.  As you can see, she cleans up well — she dazzles and charms with or without a snug faux fur coat in faux snow but she’d wear just about anything and pose anywhere for a nibble of a tasty snack.


Olive holds her toy while the photographer gets just the right shot.

This is Olive. This darling dog is as sweet as she is cute. She’s an expert at holding a squeaky toy at just the right tilt for the camera to showcase the toy as well as her beauty. But she hasn’t always led the charmed life. Before she got into modeling, she was a leftover pup from a puppy mill; she was on the block to be auctioned off. Her owner and trainer took her in where she’s one of many loved pups. Her owner/trainer knew she had a lot of potential as a model, but with a personality to match her beauty, she’s also a therapy dog. She frequently goes to hospitals to visit patients to let them pet her.


Cajun lounges with her stuffed friends as the camera snaps and flashes.

Cajun is sweet and mild-mannered — a disposition that puts people at ease. She is well-trained — she has 17 titles — but it’s her personality that makes her such a great dog. Not only can she sit still for the cameras while keeping toys in place atop her paws, but she’s also a great listener which she applies in her work as a therapy dog. Her main gig is going to libraries where she sits and listens as people read to her.


Rex listens intently as the set stylist and the trainer gives her directions.


Rex is a bubbly dog who will run across fields and scamper through ponds to fetch your camouflage bone and return it to you. Though he loves to run around and be a dog, he also likes to be fussed over and he’ll generally sit still to watch his brothers and sisters work. But, of course, he’ll do it for a price: doggy treats. Rex was not a rescue, but he’s done his share of therapy. He helped nurse his sister back to health when he was just a pup.

Whether your dog is a model or just vacuum cleaner with paws, celebrate your pup for National Mutts Day by showing him he’s special.





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